Kununua Tiketi Kwa Nilipe App

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Kununua Tiketi Kwa Nilipe App, With Nilipe you can do more at a shorter time and at a cheaper cost. Get instant access to events, stores, restaurants, national parks and many more. Purchase different product or services at your fingertips. Get your digital receipt in a QR Code format. Go paperless

If yes sign up with Nilipe to expand your market. Take control of your business see whats happening and gain insights of your business using the easy to read Nilipe Dashboard.

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Kununua Tiketi Kwa Nilipe App/Jinsi Ya Kujiunga Nilipe App

  • Get Nilipe App from Store
  • Open Nilipe App
  • Go to the profile tab
  • Click the “Web Login” button
  • Click the green plus sign (+) button
    which says “click here to scan”
  • Wait for the device camera to open and
    point your device to the QR Code displayed on the browser.

Kununua Tiketi Kwa Nilipe App

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