Kurenew Leseni ya Udereva 2022 Online

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A driver’s license is a legal document that certifies that the holder is authorized to drive a motorized vehicle on a public road, such as a bus, automobile, truck, or motorbike. The only class for which a driver’s license holder may drive is the class for which they passed their driving test. Kurenew Leseni ya Udereva 2022 Online, we’ll give you a white cane.

Kurenew Leseni ya Udereva 2022 Online

The criteria for receiving a driving license in Tanzania are listed below.

  • Attended any recognized driving college and awarded a certificate
  • More than 18 years of age for motor vehicles and 16 years of age  onwards for motorcycles
  • Have a learner/provisional driving license ( Tshs 10,000/= renewable every 3 months)
  • Must undergo test fee-GRR
  • Must have an eye test certificate
  • Must have applied to Traffic police for testing
  • Must go to traffic police with a car for testing
  • Pay a Driving test fee Tsh. 3,000/=

The procedures to obtain a driver’s license in Tanzania are listed below. Note: You should only complete these processes if you meet all of the criteria listed above; otherwise, you risk being refused.

Kurenew Leseni ya Udereva 2022 Online
Kurenew Leseni ya Udereva 2022 Online


  • Fill the forms for being issued a TIN (If you had none).
  • Fill the prescribed Licence form at Tanzania Revenue Authority.
  • Pay the recommended Licence fee Tshs 40,000/= through the Bank.
  • All your information will be collected through a computer system for data capture.
  • Police will provide you with a document to return to TRA.
  • TRA will provide you the driving Licence.

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Remember that:-

The license will be a smart card in the shape of the national flag and insignia.
This new licensing scheme will record any offenses that a motorist will commit.
Depending on the seriousness of the violations, the license may be revoked or suspended.
You must renew your driver’s license after three years if you want it to remain valid.

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