LeBron James NBA Records 2022

LeBron James NBA Records 2022: The following are LeBron’s most enduring records: LeBron James wants to increase the list of all-time NBA points. LeBron James is still adding to his Hall of Fame résumé in Year 19.

The self-described “Chosen One” has lived up to the enormous expectations that were set for him before he even set foot on an NBA court. Nearly two decades later, James has undoubtedly joined the once-exclusive discussion of the best of all time.

James now has Kareem Abdul-Jabbar squarely in his sights after overtaking Karl Malone for second place on the NBA’s all-time scoring record. It’s possible for James to surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and break the NBA’s all-time scoring record, which many people had thought would never be broken LeBron James NBA Records 2022.

The scoring record would be be one more record James has established that might never be broken. These are LeBron James NBA Records 2022 that cannot be beaten.

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LeBron James NBA Records 2022


James made NBA history earlier this year when he became the first player with at least 30,000 points, 10,000 rebounds, and 10,000 assists.

Take a look at this to put things in perspective.

In NBA history, just eight players have scored 30,000 points. Only seven players in league history have amassed 10,000 assists, and while many players have surpassed 10,000 rebounds, only seven other players have amassed the milestone of 15,000 rebounds. Before James’ career is done, he will have the opportunity to do so.

If you drew a venn diagram of the greatest career stat-fillers, James would be the constant, alone in the center in LeBron James NBA Records 2022.

James has the potential to load the stat sheet, so it’s not impossible that in two or three more seasons he might be ranked first or second all-time in points and assists. Who’s to say he won’t be able to play longer than that and at this level considering how well he’s been playing this year.

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Double-digit scoring streak

Since starting his run more than 15 years ago, James has scored at least 10 points in more than 1,000 consecutive games and counting. Since playing the Milwaukee Bucks in January 2007, he hasn’t had a single-digit scoring total.

It’s a streak made possible by an almost unbelievable trifecta of skills, good fortune, and tenacity LeBron James NBA Records 2022.

LeBron James NBA Records 2022

a seemingly impossible fusion of skills, stamina, mental concentration, and, yes, luck. No nights off. In the first quarter, no ankles were twisted. No ejections in a flash.

Consecutive seasons averaging 25.0 points per game

Do you recall when people claimed LeBron James wasn’t a scorer? James is attempting to complete his 18th consecutive season of averaging at least 25.0 points per game during the regular season in year 19.

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Even though MJ was fantastic, he didn’t play long enough to accomplish what LeBron is achieving right now. Despite being a prolific scorer, Kareem only managed to compile nine seasons of 25.0 points or more. Even Wilt Chamberlain, who was unstoppable, had an eight-season string of 25.0 or more wins LeBron James NBA Records 2022.

Consecutive All-Star Game starts

All-Star performances by Kobe Bryant and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar established the standard. Kobe was the contemporary wonder with 18, and Kareem now has the record with 19.

As soon as he gets selected for the next All-Star game, LeBron James will catch Kobe and tie Kareem. When it comes to straight All-Star starts, Bron has them and everyone else beat. In 2022, LeBron played and got the start in his 18th straight All-Star game.

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This season serves as the ideal example of why it’s so hard to pull off. Take Luka Doncic, who was selected for the All-Star game but wasn’t chosen as the starting quarterback. The clock starts over for Doncic, which means that in order to catch James, he must play in 18 more seasons following this one AND start in each of them in LeBron James NBA Records 2022.

Career All-NBA selections

Fans choose the starting lineup for the All-Star game. The situation differs for the NBA. It describes who the league’s top players were throughout that particular season.

Do you want to discover who ruled the 1970s? Look at the All-NBA teams from that time period. Count the number of All-NBA selections a player received to determine their true level of greatness LeBron James NBA Records 2022.

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With a total of 17 choices, James already holds the record for most All-NBA honors. With 13, he also has the most First-Team All-NBA awards. James has secured it firmly away, where it will take another all-time great who plays for almost to 20 years to touch it, even if he never makes another All-NBA team for LeBron James NBA Records 2022.