List of IBO world champions Heavyweight

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The International Boxing Organization (IBO) is a business located in the United States that sanctioned professional boxing events and awarded world and regional championships.

It is a well-known independent organization that is not recognized by the “big four” regulatory bodies (WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO), which only acknowledge each other in their rankings and championship unification regulations.

The British Boxing Board of Control, the European Boxing Union, BoxRec, and BoxingScene all accept it as a legitimate world title, although The Ring magazine does not.

List of IBO world champions Heavyweight

John W. Daddono started the IBO in 1988 and incorporated it in Illinois in 1992. The group was later relocated to Florida in 1997 and incorporated there. At the time, Ed Levine, who is now the organization’s President, became a partner and President of the IBO.

In the late 1990s, the organization garnered accolades for establishing a computerized method called ‘The Independent World Boxing Rankings,’ which eliminated subjective factors from the ratings in an effort to give the sport more respect.

No.NameDuration of reignDefences
1Pinklon ThomasNov 14, 1992 – Jan 29, 1993s0
2Lionel ButlerFeb 23, 1993 – Mar 1993r0
3Danell NicholsonAug 4, 1994 – Oct 1994r0
4Jimmy ThunderOct 29, 1994 – Jul 16, 1995r2
5Brian NielsenJan 12, 1996 – Jun 18, 1999s5
6Lennox LewisNov 13, 1999 – Apr 22, 20013
7Hasim RahmanApr 22, 2001 – Nov 17, 20010
8Lennox Lewis (2)Nov 17, 2001 – Feb 6, 2004r2
9Wladimir KlitschkoApr 22, 2006 – Nov 28, 201518
10Tyson FuryNov 28, 2015 – Oct 12, 2016r0
11Anthony JoshuaApr 29, 2017 – Jun 1, 20193
12Andy Ruiz Jr.Jun 1, 2019 – Dec 7, 20190
13Anthony Joshua (2)Dec 7, 2019 – Sep 25, 20211
14Oleksandr UsykSep 25, 2021 - present1
List of IBO world champions Heavyweight
List of IBO world champions Heavyweight

Since 2014, the IBO has using Boxrec, an independent boxing records keeper and automated rankings website, to establish its rankings. Many well-known champions have held and continue to hold the World championship of the International Boxing Organization.


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