List of VETA Colleges in Tanzania 2022

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List of VETA Colleges in Tanzania 2022, A self-governing government agency known as the Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) was created by Act of Parliament No. 1 of 1994, Chapter 82 [Revised in 2006]. The main reason VETA was founded was to manage Tanzania’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) system. Its duties include promoting, organizing, offering, supplying, regulating, and funding VET throughout the nation.

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List of VETA Colleges in Tanzania 2022

The list of vocational schools located throughout Tanzania is shown below. There are more than 700 VET institutions in the nation that are operated by different VET providers and offer training through long courses, short courses, and specialized courses List of VETA Colleges in Tanzania 2022.

Angalia Vyuo Hapa

List of VETA Colleges in Tanzania 2022

Roles Of VETA

i. Providing vocational education and training;

VETA provides training through 33 vocational training centres and institutes that it owns. Also, it provides training to vocational teachers through its Vocational teachers Training College in Morogoro.

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ii. Coordinating vocational education and training;

VETA coordinates more than 700 VET institutions owned by other VET providers in the country, providing training in form of long courses, short courses and tailor-made courses. Also, VETA conducts Labour Market Surveys to determine skills demanded by labour market.

As well, the Authority establishes and maintains close linkage and partnership with other training providers at national and zonal levels.

iii. Regulating vocational education and training;

VETA regulates provision of vocational education and training in the Country through Registration of VET Institutions; Accreditation; Setting Standards; Curriculum Development; Auditing for Compliance; Assessment; and Certification.

iv. Financing and managing VET fund;

VETA finances and manages VET Fund for Vocational Education and Training. The main source of VET Fund is employers contribution of Skills Development Levy (SDL). Employers with four and above employees contribute 6% of their employees salaries as SDL.

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