Live Update: Simba Sc Vs Kipanga Fc Results 28/09/2022

Live: Simba Sc Vs Kipanga Fc Results Today 28/09/2022

After defeating Malindi SC 1-0 in the first friendly game in Zanzibar Islands, Simba SC Club is slated to play another friendly game against Kipanga FC on Wednesday. Simba triumphed 1-0 at the same Amaan Stadium on September 25, 2022, due to a goal by Nassor Kapama.

Juma Mgunda, the club’s head coach, stated that “the team is safe and preparations are on for tomorrow’s (today’s) game versus Kipanga.”

Simba Sc Vs Kipanga Fc Results
Mgunda Simba Sc’ Coach Ahead Simba Sc Vs Kipanga Fc

“Tomorrow (today) we will be playing two representatives in the international championship and the aim of playing these matches is to give more skills towards the international championship.

“I am asking the fans to come out in large numbers to witness this game and we will be gentlemen when we are on the field, so I am asking our colleagues to be gentlemen so that the game ends safely.”

The second Simba Sc friend game versus Kipanga in Zanzabar will take place today, Tuesday, September 28, 2022, at 2:15 p.m. at the Amaan Island Stadium. Simba Sc vs Kipanga Fc is set to be a lively and interesting encounter. The games serve as warm-ups for the African Champions League opening on September 9, 2022, against Clube De Desportivo de Agosto in Angola.

This friendly encounter between Simba SC and Kipanga FC is an excellent opportunity for the whole Simba Sc and Kipanga Fc squads to establish a formation or tactics that will assist them outduel their opponents in the next competitive fixture. Every athlete should evaluate whether or not they gained weight throughout the offseason.

Simba Sc Vs Kipanga Fc Results 28/09/2022 | Fiend Match

FTSimba SC3 – 0 (HT: 1-0)Kipanga FC
  • FT 90’+2 Simba SC win 3 nil to Kipanga FC
  • 65′ Kibu Denis Gooooalll!!!
  • 60′ Okrah Score (Penalty offer after Israel Foul)
  • 45’+3 Half time with Okrah Goal Difference for Simba and Kipanga
  • 36′ Okrah Goooalll!!!! (Free Kick take)

Magoli Simba SC vs Kipanga FC


Match Details
  • Match Type: Friendly Game
  • Teams: Simba Sports Club Vs Kipanga Football Club
  • Kick Off: 20:15
  • Stadium: Amaan Stadium
  • Location: Zanzibar
Simba SC
No losses8
No goals conceded4
Less than 2.5 goals5/6
First to score7/7
First half winner6/7
Less than 4.5 cards10/10

Why Simba Sc Vs Kipanga Fc

A friendly or exhibition game in soccer is a non-competitive game played outside of any recognized soccer competition. The outcome of this one-time game has no influence on the league or tournament rankings. Because they are not competitive, they are referred to as friendly games.

Football teams conduct friendly matches for a number of objectives. Every soccer club, including Simba Sc, has a tradition of holding a football friendly. It is vital to play a friendly encounter before to the commencement of the formal competition or tournament, especially if you have a challenging game ahead of you, such as the Caf Champions League.

This friendly match is very significant when it comes to increasing the players’ fitness levels and also giving the players more time to play together; putting them to the test against the opponent; and experimenting with new tactics.

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