Liverpool most expensive signings

Liverpool most expensive signings

Despite the heartbreaking of Liverpool most expensive signings loss of losing to Real Madrid in the Champions League final, Liverpool has already begun to focus on the upcoming campaign with the signing of Fabinho.

Fabinho cost Liverpool £43.7 million, but he is not the only costly player they have acquired thus far.

See who makes Liverpool most expensive signings.

For a team that has already won it all under Jurgen Klopp in the previous seven years or so, Liverpool hasn’t really spent crazy sums of money in one transaction very frequently, preferring to go outside the box and, in the end, find more successful and less expensive players. And in many respects, that transfer brilliance has been one of the most important factors in their success.

With the exception of one former Aston Villa striker, every player on the following list has not underperformed after being acquired for a high price. That’s not to suggest that every player has been a wonderful discovery—the verdict is still out on Naby Keita, for instance—but those that are included have, at the very least, had a significant impact on the club’s history.

Some people believed Liverpool overpaid for players like Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane when they initially joined the team, although this was eventually disproven. In actuality, Liverpool’s hiring staff hardly ever makes a mistake. Simply said, anything less than perfection is rarely good enough at Anfield these days, thus every player recruited is brought in to perfectly match Klopp’s style.

Liverpool’s most expensive signings


Virgil van Dijk is at the top Liverpool most expensive signings of the list, as some people may have guessed. Of course, many people in this top 10 also shared the opinion that Liverpool spent too much for the Dutchman. Van Dijk, however, swiftly disproved his naysayers and was as calm as ever.

Van Dijk is currently regarded as one of the best defenders the Premier League has ever seen, and he may wind up being remembered as Liverpool’s greatest acquisition. He made Klopp’s team from almost-men to a consistent winner.

It wouldn’t be shocking if Liverpool spent lavishly once more this summer, and did so with remarkable success. Right now, it seems like everything the Reds touch turns to gold. And Klopp and his coaching team deserve a lot of credit for that.


It was one of Liverpool most expensive signings error too many for Jurgen Klopp and his dreams when Loris Karius fumbled the ball (quite literally) against Real Madrid, costing Liverpool the 2018 Champions League final. Klopp needed a new goalkeeper.

When his career is through, Alisson Becker will be remembered as one of the finest goalkeepers the Premier League has ever seen. It’s safe to conclude that the £56.25 million sum paid in 2018 was more than justified given that he has two Premier League Golden Gloves and even one goal to his credit.


This is a challenging one of Liverpool most expensive signings. Can Naby Keita be considered successful? Yes, based on the awards he has received. But given his history of injuries and overall effect, the answer would have to be no. He appeared to be the player that Liverpool had planned to acquire in 2018 for the first time during the 2021–2022 season

Keita is one of Klopp’s top midfielders when healthy, as seen in 21/22. And if he can maintain his fitness for the majority of the time that may be left of his career at Anfield, he may be remembered as a success.

LUIS DIAZ – £42.3M

Luis Diaz, Liverpool most recent and Liverpool’s most expensive signings (so far) success story, moved to the city in January 2022 and immediately changed the course of the Reds’ campaign. When he joined, Liverpool trailed Manchester City by 14 points and appeared to be in for a disappointing campaign.

The Colombian’s influence extended the title fight into the final day, but Liverpool lost out to Man City by only a point. Diaz made history by starting the first Champions League final for Colombia, a match in which his team lost to Real Madrid.


The fact that Christian Benteke made this list demonstrates that not everyone is faultless, Liverpool most expensive signings notably Liverpool’s hiring staff prior to Klopp. The large Belgian attacker was immediately transferred to Crystal Palace for £27 million since he had little chance under Klopp’s heavy metal style.

At the very least, Benteke left the team with a spectacular overhead kick against Manchester United to be proud of. Nevertheless, he had a year to forget despite the acrobatics.

FABINHO – £40.5M

One of the few individuals of Liverpool most expensive signings on this list whose signing many people truly predicted success is Fabinho. He was seen as the crucial component in many aspects and has since developed into a key member of the team under Klopp, earning the moniker “lighthouse.”

The summer of his signing in 2018, when he was signed with Alisson Becker, will be remembered as one of the most significant in Liverpool’s recent history.

DIOGO JOTA – £40.23M

Diogo Jota Liverpool most expensive signings, another player for whom many felt Liverpool spent too much, has occasionally gone unnoticed for his accomplishments at Liverpool. At Anfield, the Portuguese attacker has developed into a prolific scorer. The former Wolverhampton Wanderers player scored 21 goals throughout all competitions in 2021–2022.

It says a lot that Liverpool didn’t have scoring problems with Jota at the forefront when Salah and Mane were away at the AFCON.


Mohamed Salah, the third and final member of this list’s of Liverpool most expensive signings illustrious front three, is perhaps the greatest of the bunch. When Liverpool acquired the winger from Roma for £37.8 million in 2017, many thought Liverpool had overpaid. But the Reds looked like geniuses after a Premier League season with a record-breaking 32 goals.


Sadio Mane, who came to popularity in the 16/17 season and has continued to improve year after year, is perhaps the first player to achieve new heights under Klopp. This has cemented his legacy at Liverpool as Liverpool most expensive signings.

Mane, who has earned innumerable honors and is now a club hero, is expected to leave Liverpool this summer after 120 goals in 269 games, according to Fabrizio Romano.

Liverpool most expensive signings
Liverpool most expensive signings



Few people were sure what to anticipate when Roberto Firmino signed with Liverpool under Brendan Rodgers in the summer of 2016 and be the Liverpool most expensive signings. In actuality, the Brazilian didn’t truly start to soar at Anfield until Jurgen Klopp came and instituted the false nine role.

Firmino was a perfect match for the position and hasn’t looked back since. Today, the £36.9 million price seems like a steal.

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