Mabondia 10 Bora Tanzania

Mabondia 10 Bora Tanzania

Mabondia 10 Bora Tanzania, Hawa Ndio Top 10 ya Mabondia Bora Tanzania, Mabondia wa Tanzania, Hassan Mwakinyo na Twaha Kiduku, rank za mabondia duniani.

Mabondia 10 Bora Tanzania, Despite the game of football that has had the most fans in the world, the game that is also watched by fans is that of paid boxing that also has enough money despite taking just a few minutes into a different field of football Mabondia 10 Bora Tanzania.

Boxing is usually a rich sport, but a large percentage of the boxers involved have come from low-income families who have sought financial support through the sport. Check out the history of Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, Canelo Alvarez, Anthony Joshua, Michael Maidanaau coming to Bongoazama Bondiawa formerly like Rashid Matumla, Francis Chekawote are all from a wild life.

The situation has improved and I have kept national and international ranks in the ranks of quality, with the majority of the time they did their job in order to improve their standards. Champion on Monday, analyzes the ten best boxers in Tanzania at the moment based on their records and the quality they have shown in their fight.

Mabondia 10 Bora Tanzania


From Tanga, Makora boxer, Hassan Mwakinyo who plays in the weight of Super Walter is the number one best boxer in the country with nyotanne, this being in total all grades of weight. Mwakinyo with a record of playing 22 fights having won 20 of those 14 is by KO and has lost only two fights of which one is by KO Mabondia 10 Bora Tanzania.

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No one is unaware of the size of the Ibrahim Class in the game of earning a living in Bongoku due to its level of ability and ability all these years. According to Boxrec which is a network that serves to preserve the memory of Class Boxers with a record of 32 fights having won 26 of those 11 by KO, he has lost six of those fights as KO is the second best boxer in Bongo Mabondia 10 Bora Tanzania.


Most of the time he does not fight and others may not recognize him, but FadhiliMajiha ‘Stopper’ is the third best bond in the country. Majiha who is the boxer who has won more Bongo fights than any other boxer with a record of 46 total fights having won 28 of those 14 is KOna has lost 14, out of three it is for KOna to have drawn twice Mabondia 10 Bora Tanzania.

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Another boxer from Makorora in Tanga region, Salim Mtangondiyo ranks fourth in Tanzania’s best boxer. Cucumber is not a generic name for boxing fans due to his talent in the sport. The boxer has played a total of 21 fights with 16 wins out of ten, KO has lost four of the two fights to KO and drawn one.


From Mbezi inside the Amoma BoxingAcademy Gym, Tony Rashid AK47 has taken fifth place. The boxer, who is a former ABU champion, is set to take office on February 25, this year in a bid to sue Bongani Mahlangu of South Africa. Tony, who has recorded a total of 17 fights with 13 wins, one of which was KO and lost two fights, the other being KO and from two fights.


On the street he is now known as Alkasusu due to his style of letting go of his beard and wearing a short coat like the ones selling Alkasusu, this is the sixth position in the paid boxing game Bongo. Alkasusu has a record of 11 fights with nine wins, one of which is by KO, he has lost one fight in one semester Mabondia 10 Bora Tanzania.

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InnocentEvarist is a relative of many who do not recognize him, but he is the seventh-ranked boxer in Bongo. Boxer who has a record of 15 fights with 11 wins out of nine are KO, losing one by KO and one semester. In addition to being a boxer, Evarist is a ‘matchmaker’ who has managed to prepare seven matches so far Mabondia 10 Bora Tanzania.


From the Tanzania People’s Defense Force ‘JWTZ’, a boxer with the rank of Corporal, Ismail Galaliatano is the one holding the position of nanti on this list. Galiatano with a record of 15 fights having won between two is by KO, has lost two of those one by KO and has drawn three.

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He has now relocated to Ghana but has eight positions in the best Bongo boxers. Japhet is the best but one of the most talented boxers in the sport. Japhet has played a total of 18 fights with 11 wins out of three and is KO and the loss of five fights between two is KO Mabondia 10 Bora Tanzania.


Until the street children recognize him as the Showshow Elder, Twaha Kassim Rubaha popularly known as Twaha Kiduku. Kiduku is the top 10 finisher, having won 18 fights, 18 of which have been won by KO and has lost eight fights, one of which is for KO who has drawn one fight.

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