Majina ya Waliopata Mkopo Wa Elimu Ya Juu 2022 HESLB

Orodha ya majina ya wanafunzi waliopata mkopo 2022/2023, HESLB | Majina ya Waliopata Mkopo Wa Elimu Ya Juu 2022 HESLB Applicants Loan Status 2022/2023: Majina ya waliopata mkopo awamu ya kwanza 2022/2023, Wanafunzi waliopata Mkopo wa Chuo Kikuu 2022, Wanafunzi waliopata Mkopo wa HESLB Chuo Kikuu 2022/2023

Majina ya Waliopata Mkopo Wa Elimu Ya Juu 2022 HESLB

Mkopo Wa Elimu Ya Juu/Education loans, often known as student loans, are sums of money provided to students by the government, banks, or other financial organizations to help cover the costs of their higher education. Those who are intelligent and qualified will frequently acquire funding through these channels, having money available that they can utilize to settle school expenses.

In Tanzania, form six graduates who are qualified to enroll in universities may apply for a Further Education Students’ Loans Board loan to cover the cost of their higher education. However, not everyone qualifies for a student loan from HESLB. Before lending money, the Higher Education Students’ Loans Board established a number of requirements for applicants. Applicants who meet the criteria will be able to be granted a higher education loan by HESLB

If you are among the graduates who applied for a higher education loan through HESLB, and now you need to know if you have been selected to get a loan, then we have prepared this page for you. Here we’ll bring you the complete list of students who will be selected for the Higher education student loan by HESLB.

waliopata mkopo

The Higher Education Students’ Loans Board (HESLB) is a body corporate established under Act No.9 of 2004 (as amended in 2007, 2014 and 2016) with the objective of assisting needy and eligible Tanzania students to access loans and grants for higher education. The main mandates of HESLB include:

  1. To assist, on a loan basis, needy students who secure admission in accredited higher learning institutions, but who have no economic power to pay for the costs of their education
  2. To collect due loans from loan beneficiaries and use it as revolving fund to sustain operations of the Board
  3. To create synergies through establishing strategic partnerships in student financing ecosystem

Majina Ya Waliopata mkopo wa elimu ya juu Yametoka?

Until now, the Higher Education Loans Council is still working on the applications of students who applied for higher education loans. Therefore, the names of those who obtained the 2022 HESLB Higher Education Loan have not yet been released.

 Hadi ivi sasa Baraza la mikopo ya elimu ya juu bado linafanyia kazi maombi ya wanafunzi walioomba mikopo ya elimu ya juu. Hivyo Majina ya Waliopata Mkopo Wa Elimu Ya Juu 2022 HESLB bado hayajatoka. 

Ni Lini Bodi Ya Mikopo Itatoa Orodha ya majina ya wanafunzi waliopata mkopo 2022/2023?

It has not yet been stated, and as of today, it is unknown, when the Loan Board will reveal the list of names of students who received a higher education loan. The names of those who received the loan, however, are anticipated to be made public very soon based on the previous year announcement of loan beneficiaries.

Jinsi Ya Kuangalia Majina ya Waliopata Mkopo Wa Elimu Ya Juu 2022 HESLB

There are different ways to check if you have been approved for a higher education loan. All of these methods are easy to follow, although some are easier than others. To find out if you have obtained a higher education loan through HESLB, you must follow the following steps

  1. Check Your Name At collage Notice board

The first way to find out if you received a loan for higher education is to look up your name in the list of students who have been selected for the higher education student loans. This list will be displayed on the noticeboard at the college where you have chosen to study.

All colleges are given a list of their students who have met the criteria for obtaining loans and the amount that the students will be given immediately after the HESLB – Higher Education Students’ Loans Board announces those who have received loans.

  1. Check Your Loan Application Status in HESLB Portal

Visit the official homepage of the ESLB’s Online Loan Application System using any browser on your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer (OLAMS) ==>>, When you get at the website, you will see the following items, which are shown in the attached image below.

Majina ya Waliopata Mkopo Wa Elimu Ya Juu 2022 HESLB
Jinsi Ya Kuangalia Majina ya Waliopata Mkopo Wa Elimu Ya Juu 2022 HESLB Online

Then, as shown by the red arrow in the attached image above, click on “login for registered applicants,” which will take you to the next page, where you will be required to submit some information in order to login to the SIPA. These details are as follows: –

  • Form four index number i.e 
  • Password. Tis is your password enter during the creating account
  • Security code. This is the code that appear below the login page. Must be written as it is.

After you have entered all of the required information, click the “login” button.

After clicking the “login” button and successfully logging into your HESLB SIPA account, you will be able to access your dashboard and the options available in your account, as shown below.

Kuangalia kama umepata Mkopo wa elimu ya juu
Kuangalia kama umepata Mkopo

After management sees the dashboard shown above, click on “Allocation Status” as shown in red to allow management to see the percentage or amount of loan success. If you have been selected for loan you will see “Congratulations, you have been allocated a loan. Remember this is a loan to be paid back, use it as intended.”

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