Makombe Ghali Zaidi Duniani

Makombe Ghali Zaidi Duniani

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We should not have a better feeling for a football team than to win a unique trophy at the end of a tournament. As the most watched game in the world, there is a lot of money invested in a ‘good game’.

It is therefore not surprising that these brilliant trophies in football are highly valued in financial terms as well. Without delay, let’s look at five of the most expensive trophies in today’s world football here are Makombe Ghali Zaidi Duniani.

Makombe Ghali Zaidi Duniani

1. FIFA World Cup – 17 Million Euros

This is the biggest cup in football and it is the most expensive of all. The FIFA World Cup is the most expensive trophy in world football. Its actual value is 17 million euros.

It contains 18 pieces of gold and weighs 6.1 kg. The cup is elegant and has the shape of the bodies of two people holding the world (Earth).

It is the most recognizable trophy in the world of football and we will see it handed over to the team after next year’s World Cup in Qatar.

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2. FA Cup – One Million Euros

Well, here’s a little surprise on Makombe Ghali Zaidi Duniani. The Football Association of England (FA) Cup, the country’s top knockout cup competition, is the second most expensive trophy in the world of football. The cup has had two designs and there have been five real cups.

The current cup is a copy of the 2014 model which is made of 6.3 kg of silver ore. It took him 250 hours, his architect, Thomas Lyte who is an Englishman to make this crown. Arsenal are the most successful team in FA Cup history. They have won the title 14 times. Manchester United are back in second place with 12 wins.

3. Ballon d’Or – Euro 508,000

In addition to all the money he earns as a salary and through sponsorship deals, Lionel Messi also has approximately 3.5 million Euros in the only Ballon d’Or trophy in his closet. That’s right, the most prestigious individual football gift costs more than half a million Euros and become Makombe Ghali Zaidi Duniani.

The Ballon d’Or award is presented by France Football Magazine and honors the best player in the world of football in one year. Messi won the Ballon d’Or and set a record by carrying it seven times.

The Ballon d’Or crown is very elegant and is reported to weigh about 12 kg. It has two brass plates decorated to make it look like a ball. It is said that the interior was dug to give a circular shape before being washed of pure gold to make it look elegant Makombe Ghali Zaidi Duniani.

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4. Africa Cup of Nations – 127,000 Euros

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp has received a lot of heat recently by calling the Africa Cup of Nations a ‘minor’. The German coach defended himself saying that he did not mean to underestimate the tournament and that his quote was badly received.

Although what Klopp said may be true, you cannot blame Africans for being offended by such views. After all, the Africa Cup of Nations is one of the best football tournaments in the world.

Makombe Ghali Zaidi Duniani

The actual value of the Africa Cup of Nations is 127,000 euros and is more than double the value of the Serie A Cup which is behind it in value in Makombe Ghali Zaidi Duniani.

5. Serie A – 55,000 Euros

The Serie A title, which is awarded to the winner of the Italian Premier League at the end of each season, costs 55,000 euros. It is called the “Coppa Campioni d’Italia” and the trophy has been in use since the 1960-61 season.

But until 2004, the trophy was never handed over to the winning team on the field. It was a trophy being sent to the headquarters of the winning club. The culture changed in 2004 and since then, the Serie A winner has been given the opportunity to move around with it on the field.

Although the English Premier League is the richest league in the world, the Serie A Cup is the most expensive trophy in all of the major European leagues. That should make you realize that, how much the Italians value these things in Makombe Ghali Zaidi Duniani.

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