Mamelodi Sundowns Fixtures 2022-23 Season Result

Mamelodi Sundowns Fixtures 2022-23 & Mamelodi Sundowns Fc Results 2022/223: Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club is a South African football club based in Mamelodi, Gauteng that competes in the DSTV Premier Soccer League PSL.

The club was founded in the early 1960s by a group of teenagers living in and around Marabastad, Pretoria (Tshwane).  Frank “ABC” Motsepe, Roy Fischer, Ingle Singh, and Bernard Hartze are among the youthful talents who founded the club in the 1960s, according to the club.

In 1967, the team entered the Federation of Professional Soccer League and “reached the finals of the Coca Cola Cup in an eight goal thriller, losing 5-3 to Berea United.” Sundowns was relegated to the second division of the National Professional Soccer League in 1980. The club stayed in the second division for five years only to bounce back in 1985 with the entry of Mr Cool (Zola Mahobe).

Mamelodi Sundowns Fixtures 2022-23 Results

Mamelodi Sundowns Fc is one of the most popular soccer clubs in South Africa. The team has a long history of success, and it has won many local and international competitions. It’s one of the most successful clubs in South Africa with league title winning record of five in a row championship from 2017 to 2022. If you are a fan of Mamelodi Sundowns Fc, we have all the latest Mamelodi Sundowns Fc Fixture, Results 2022/223 right here.

Mamelodi Sundowns Fc Fixture & Results 2022/223

5/8/202218:30AwayCape Town City FCPSL 2022/232:0 (0:0)
10/8/202218:30HomeTS GalaxyPSL 2022/240:1 (0:1)
13/08/202214:00HomeKaizer ChiefsPSL 2022/254:0 (2:0)
20/08/202214:00AwaySekhukhune UnitedPSL 2022/261:1 (1:0)
24/08/202216:00HomeStellenbosch FCPSL 2022/27-:-
2/9/202218:30AwaySuperSport UnitedPSL 2022/28-:-
10/9/202219:00HomeGolden ArrowsPSL 2022/29-:-
17/09/202216:30HomeAmaZulu FCPSL 2022/30-:-
4/10/202218:30AwayChippa UnitedPSL 2022/31-:-
8/10/202219:00AwayMaritzburg UnitedPSL 2022/32-:-
16/10/202216:30HomeMoroka SwallowsPSL 2022/33-:-
19/10/202218:30HomeMarumo GallantsPSL 2022/34-:-
29/10/202219:00AwayRoyal AMPSL 2022/35-:-
31/12/202216:30HomeOrlando PiratesPSL 2022/36-:-
6/1/202318:30AwayRichards Bay FCPSL 2022/37-:-
14/01/202319:00HomeSuperSport UnitedPSL 2022/38-:-
21/01/202319:00AwayKaizer ChiefsPSL 2022/39-:-
28/01/202314:30HomeSekhukhune UnitedPSL 2022/40-:-
4/2/202314:30AwayOrlando PiratesPSL 2022/41-:-
18/02/202314:30HomeChippa UnitedPSL 2022/42-:-
26/02/202316:30AwayTS GalaxyPSL 2022/43-:-
4/3/202316:30AwayStellenbosch FCPSL 2022/44-:-
18/03/202314:30HomeRoyal AMPSL 2022/45-:-
1/4/202316:30HomeCape Town City FCPSL 2022/46-:-
9/4/202314:30AwayMoroka SwallowsPSL 2022/47-:-
22/04/202314:30AwayGolden ArrowsPSL 2022/48-:-
29/04/202316:30HomeRichards Bay FCPSL 2022/49-:-
3/5/202318:30AwayAmaZulu FCPSL 2022/50-:-
13/05/202314:00AwayMarumo GallantsPSL 2022/51-:-
20/05/202314:00HomeMaritzburg UnitedPSL 2022/52-:-
Mamelodi Sundowns Fixtures 2022-23 Season Result
Mamelodi Sundowns Fixtures 2022-23 Season Result

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