Maritzburg United Squad 2022/23 With New Players

Maritzburg United Squad 2022/23 All Players: Maritzburg United Football Club was founded in 1981, and current owner and Chairman Mr. Farook Kadodia has been actively involved in the club’s development from its inception. The squad was competing in the now-defunct Federation Professional League at the time, and 19-year-old Farook had just finished his matriculation and was aiding the other FPL glory boys, Maritzburg City.

When the former dissolved, Farook Kadodia was asked by an FPL executive to build a professional team and retain professional football in the city, together with local businessman Mr. Brian Rupram. As a result, Maritzburg United was formed.

However, because of pressures from the growing family business, a new ownership took over the club. In 1997, Farook and his brother Imraan Kadodia repurchased Maritzburg United Football Club with the goal of turning it into a fully professional organization that would compete in the top professional soccer league in the nation.

Maritzburg United Squad 2022/23 All Players

The table below show the list of Maritzburg United Squad 2022/23

31GoalkeeperMarcel Engelhardt29Germany
GoalkeeperKing Ndlovu29South Africa
GoalkeeperAnye Derick Fru27Cameroon
32GoalkeeperRenaldo Leaner24South Africa
Centre-BackBonginkosi Makume26South Africa
Centre-BackKhomotso Masia28South Africa
27Centre-BackAlfred Ndengane35South Africa
Centre-BackSizwe Muthwa23South Africa
29Centre-BackCameron Carnell19South Africa
33Centre-BackMuzomuhle Ngwane24South Africa
Centre-BackBrian Hlongwa26South Africa
Left-BackBongani Sam25South Africa
16Left-BackKeegan Ritchie32South Africa
24Right-BackLungelo Bhengu24South Africa
38Right-BackAshley Wyngaard21South Africa
Right-BackThabo Moloisane23South Africa
35Defensive MidfieldLucky Baloyi31South Africa
6Defensive MidfieldTravis Graham29South Africa
28Defensive MidfieldGenino Palace23South Africa
35Defensive MidfieldPhiwayinkosi Zuma21South Africa
Central MidfieldGiven Mashikinya31South Africa
8Central MidfieldZukile Kewuti27South Africa
43Central MidfieldSinamandla ZondiSouth Africa
36Central MidfieldRazeen Bennett21South Africa
37Central MidfieldThobeka Zondi21South Africa
22Right MidfieldBrandon Theron29South Africa
Left MidfieldTshidiso Monamodi25South Africa
41Left MidfieldKamvelethu CeleSouth Africa
10Attacking MidfieldRowan Human21South Africa
18Attacking MidfieldTumelo Njoti26South Africa
40Attacking MidfieldAsanda Buthelezi19South Africa
46Attacking MidfieldUjaun McDonald22South Africa
Attacking MidfieldKarim Kimvuidi20DR Congo
19Right WingerLeletu Skelem24South Africa
Right WingerSiboniso Conco26South Africa
47Right WingerReagan Van der Ross23South Africa
11Second StrikerAmadou Soukouna30France
13Centre-ForwardRichard Zumah25Ghana
9Centre-ForwardTawanda Macheke26Zimbabwe
20Centre-ForwardFriday Samu27Zambia
44Centre-ForwardSamkelo Dlamuka18South Africa
Maritzburg United Squad 2022/23 With New Players
Maritzburg United Squad 2022/23 With New Players

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