Matokeo Ya El Clasico 2010 to 2022

Matokeo Ya El Clasico 2010 to 2022 / El Clasico results 2010 to 2022/ Matokeo Ya El Clasico

Matokeo Ya El Clasico 2010 to 2022? What El Clasico records have there been since 2009? since 2009, El Clasico Head to Head? Do you have knowledge about the El Clasico and Head to Head data since 2009? All the El Clasico statistics and records are available here for you going back to 2009! Here are all the El Clasico 2022 specifics.

Tonight’s El Clasico features a pivotal match between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

El Clasico is a match between two of the greatest football teams ever, and it showcases both the best and worst of the sport. It is a titanic conflict between two teams, one that goes beyond Spain and interrupts everything that is occurring in the entire world.

This demonstrates how crucial the game is.

On May 13, 1902, an unofficial EL Clasico pitted these two teams against one another. Madrid, which had only been established for two months, met Barcelona in the semifinal of a competition that had not yet been given the name Copa del Rey.

Head-to-head scores and results for El Clasico since 2009
Without further ado, let’s see how many victories and defeats each team has suffered since 2009!

Matokeo Ya El Clasico 2010 to 2022

El Clasico head to head since 2009Wins
Barcelona Wins18
Real Madrid Wins17


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Matokeo Ya El Clasico 2010 to 2022
Matokeo Ya El Clasico 2010 to 2022


El Clasico Head To Head since 2009: complete statistics analysis!
Here is a summary of the games the two titans have played for you!

Matokeo Ya El Clasico 2010 to 2022

El Clasico Head to Head stats since 2009MatchesWinsDraws
La Liga2810135
Copa del Rey8332
Supercopa de España7412
UEFA Champions League2011
All matches45171810


The Big Game Head to Head statistics since 2009: complete scores!
The outcomes between the two teams throughout their history will now be discussed. The two teams met in their most recent game at Santiago Bernabeu.

Barcelona dominated the match, winning 4-0. Let’s review the games they’ve engaged in this millennium.

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Additionally, we have included all El Clasico head-to-head results. Let’s follow each contest!

Since 2009, El Clasico and La Liga have faced off.
El Clasico La Liga head-to-head statistics going back to 2009 are shown here:

Matokeo Ya El Clasico 2010 to 2022

DateHome TeamAway TeamResult
20 Mar 2022Real MadridBarcelona      0-4 (0-2)
12 Jan 2022Real MadridBarcelona     3–2 (1–1)
24 Oct 2021BarcelonaReal Madrid    1-2 (0-1)
2 May 2009Real MadridBarcelona2-6 (1-3)
29 November 2009BarcelonaReal Madrid1–0 (0–0)
10 April 2010Real MadridBarcelona0–2 (0–1)
29 November 2010BarcelonaReal Madrid5–0 (2–0)
16 April 2011Real MadridBarcelona1–1 (0–0)
10 December 2011Real MadridBarcelona1–3 (1–1)
21 April 2012BarcelonaReal Madrid1–2 (0–1)
7 October 2012BarcelonaReal Madrid2–2 (1–1)
2 March 2013Real MadridBarcelona2–1 (1–1)
26 October 2013BarcelonaReal Madrid2–1 (1–0)
23 March 2014Real MadridBarcelona3–4 (2–2)
25 October 2014Real MadridBarcelona3–1 (1–1)
22 March 2015BarcelonaReal Madrid2–1 (1–1)
21 November 2015Real MadridBarcelona0–4 (0–2)
2 April 2016BarcelonaReal Madrid1–2 (0–0)
3 December 2016BarcelonaReal Madrid1–1 (0–0)
23 April 2017Real MadridBarcelona2–3 (1–1)
23 December 2017Real MadridBarcelona0–3 (0–0)
6 May 2018BarcelonaReal Madrid2–2 (1–1)
28 October 2018BarcelonaReal Madrid5–1 (2–0)
2 March 2019Real MadridBarcelona0–1 (0–1)
18 December 2019BarcelonaReal Madrid0–0
1 March 2020Real MadridBarcelona2–0 (0–0)
10 April 2021BarcelonaReal Madrid1-2

Matokeo Ya El Clasico 2010 to 2022

1916 Copa del Rey
The most difficult match in the 1916 Copa del Rey took place between the two titans when they faced off in the semifinals of the competition in Matokeo Ya El Clasico 2010 to 2022. The series ended in a draw with a win for each player, forcing them to a tiebreaker, with the third game concluding in a thrilling 6-6 result.

Madrid ultimately won the last game 4-2, but the 90 minutes were not played owing to the Blaugrana’s protest. Madrid therefore progressed.

The shame party
In a different semifinal of the Copa del Rey, then known as the Copa del Generalsimo, the two faced off in one of the most contentious encounters ever. This occurred in 1943. The Madrileos humiliated the Culés 11-1 after the Culés won the first leg by a score of 3-0.

El Clasico is where Di Stefano makes his imprint.

A former Real Madrid player who previously played for Barcelona, Alfredo Di Stéfano was the most contentious LaLiga transfer ever in Matokeo Ya El Clasico 2010 to 2022. a situation that aided in the escalation of the animosity between the two clubs. In 1953, the first time the Argentines met the Catalans, they were defeated 5-0 thanks to a brace from Saeta Rubia.

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Cruyff raises self-esteem

On February 17, 1974, Johan Cruyff participated in his first “classic” game. It was a season that transformed the future of the team, which had been dormant in Matokeo Ya El Clasico 2010 to 2022. However, with the Dutch midfielder, they crushed Madrid 5-0 and went on to win their first championship in 13 years.

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