Matokeo ya Singida Big Stars vs Simba Leo

Matokeo ya Singida Big Stars vs Simba Leo 09/11/2022, Are you looking for the Singida Big Stars vs Simba match today? well our editor have contacted the big guys and have been given the exclusive preview for us.

This is something to look forward to as whenever these teams meet it is always something special. This is the first time these two teams have met in a NBC Premier League, with both sides looking to win the first for their new managers.

Singida Big Stars vs Simba Match Preview

The Singida Big Stars will be facing off against the Simba in a match that promises to be one of the most exciting matches of the season. Both teams are expected to put up a good fight as they try to prove their worth as top contenders.

The Singida Big Stars have performed very well so far this season and have shown that they are ready for any challenge that comes their way. The team has had some ups and downs over the years, but it seems like they have finally found their footing.

On the other hand, the Simba are still trying to find their footing after making some big changes last year. They were unable to make much progress last year, but it looks like they might be turning things around this season. This match could go either way depending on who shows up with their best performance on game day!

Matokeo ya Singida Big Stars vs Simba Leo

09/11/22LKBSingida Big Stars16 : 00Simba

Matokeo ya mechi 5 zilizopita za Singida BS NBC PL

03/10/22LKBAzam1 – 0Singida Big Stars
18/10/22LKBMtibwa Sugar1 – 0Singida Big Stars
21/10/22LKBKagera Sugar1 – 2Singida Big Stars
24/10/22LKBSingida Big Stars1 – 0Ihefu
06/11/22LKBPolisi Tanzania0 – 1Singida Big Stars
Matokeo ya Singida Big Stars vs Simba Leo
Matokeo ya Singida Big Stars vs Simba Leo

Matokeo ya mechi 5 zilizopita za Simba SC NBC PL

09/10/22CCL1º de Agosto1 – 3Simba
16/10/22CCLSimba1 – 01º de Agosto
23/10/22LKBYoung Africans1 – 1Simba
27/10/22LKBAzam1 – 0Simba
30/10/22LKBSimba5 – 0Mtibwa Sugar

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