Matokeo Ya Yanga Sc vs Vipers Leo 6 August 2022 Results

Matokeo Ya Yanga Sc vs Vipers Leo 6 August 2022 Results, Matokeo Mechi Ya Yanga Leo Vs Vipers Siku Ya Wananchi, Matokeo Ya Mechi Ya Kirafiki Yanga Sc vs Vipers

Timu Ya Wananchi Yanga leo, August 8, 2022, will play a competitive friendly match against Ugandan Vipers SC to test their new signed players who have joined with the club during this transfre window as well as to provide entertainment for the thousands of young African fans who are expected to attend the 2022 Yanga day. The match will be held at Benjamin Mkapa Stadium and also accompaided by different performance from some of the best Bongo flovor artist.

Matokeo Ya Yanga Sc vs Vipers Leo 6 August 2022 Results

Young African FC, who swept through to finish atop the Tanzanian Premier League with an astonishing 71 points, will face-off against Uganda’s Vipers SC which declared the tournament champion after finishing with a total of 74 points in its inaugural Uganda Premier league 2021/2022 season. Here’s we’ll keep you updated with Yanga Sc vs Vipers Results (Matokeo Yanga Sc vs Vipers Leo).

  • Muda : Yanga Sc vs Vipers 6 August 2022 1700 Hours
  • Stadium: Benjamin Mkapa Stadium
  • Competition: Preseason Friend Match
Matokeo Ya Yanga Sc vs Vipers Leo 6 August 2022 Results
Matokeo Ya Yanga Sc vs Vipers Leo

Matokeo Yanga Sc vs Vipers Leo 6 August 2022

Yanga Sc0 – 2Vipers Sc

Vespers Soccer Club was originally established as Bunamwaya FC in 1969. For over ten years they had been playing in the Ugandan Premier League. In 2005 they were promoted to play professionally when they won the Wakiso District and Super Mini League Promotion Division. Since then they have consistently made it into one of the top halves of a table year after year.

Tanzanian football team, the Young Africans Sports Club (commonly referred to as Yanga), have played all their home matches in a sport-specific stadium located in the Jangwani district of Dar es Salaam. Founded in 1935, Yanga began playing at Benjamin Mkapa Stadium. The club has won 28 league titles and many other cups throughout its history, earning it recognition across Africa; they are called Yanga, which translates to Young Boys. While still missing out on some key continental championships such as CAF Champions League tournaments, they were able to win the regional CECAFA Cup competition five times.

The club eventually became a symbol of the anti-colonial movement, based on the fighting spirit it had come to represent. Young Africans who supported nationalism and those fighting for independence were influenced by TANU, an African political party which identified yellow and green as its founding colours – this was also used by the football club at some point in time. The owners are now looking at ways to democratise ownership; keeping 49% of shares with investors while giving 51% to supporters via membership.

The club has a long-standing rivalry with its opponents from the opposite side of town, Simba, with whom it competes in the Dar es Salaam (also known as Kariakoo) derby. The competition was placed sixth on the list of the most famous African derbies.

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