Matukio 10 yanayokumbukwa zaidi Kombe la Dunia

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There have been many surprising incidents in the World Cup/Matukio 10 yanayokumbukwa zaidi Kombe la Dunia that will always be remembered by football fans. Here, we list the ten most memorable moments.

Matukio 10 yanayokumbukwa zaidi Kombe la Dunia

1. 2006 – Zidane headbutted Materazzi

It is the period when Zinedine Zidane announced that he would retire after the 2006 World Cup. The star and captain helped France to reach the final stage after kicking them to lift the 1998 world cup through his two goals.

The 2006 title also seemed to go to France. Zidane’s seventh-minute strike put France ahead before defender Marco Materazzi equalized 12 minutes later. The match seemed to go to penalty kicks before Zidane and Materazzi clashed. The result was Materazzi on the floor.

Although the cameras did not capture the entire incident, later pictures showed the two exchanging words. Zidane scolded Materazzi and punched him in the head.

2. 2014 – Suarez bites Chiellini

Four-time champions Italy were in danger of not qualifying for the knockout stages for the second time in a row after finishing last in their group in 2010. After helping Uruguay by blocking a goal with his hand against Ghana, Luis Suarez and Uruguay were heavily criticized.

With ten minutes left in Uruguay’s match against Italy, striker Luis Suarez and Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini started to compete for the ball in the penalty area.

Matukio 10 yanayokumbukwa zaidi Kombe la Dunia
Matukio 10 yanayokumbukwa zaidi Kombe la Dunia

Seconds later, Chiellini revealed bite marks on his shoulder. In addition, apart from denying committing the crime, Suarez complained of being beaten with a stick.

Italy’s pain increased because, despite the referee not taking any action against Suarez, the attacker’s pass was connected with Diego Godin and gave Uruguay the goal that knocked Italy out of the cup.

3. 2014 – Germany humiliates the hosts Brazil

Brazil, entered the match with dreams of lifting their sixth title in front of their fans and increasing their reputation as a highly effective football team. History also favored Brazil as, before that match, they had never been tied at home in 39 years.

The star Neymar, seemed to be a talent capable of helping Brazil to make history and fulfill those dreams. However, Brazil, namely the Selecao, struggled in the semi-final against Germany and even without the services of Neymar and Thiago Silva who were injured.

In the first 18 minutes of the match, the Nation and soccer fans in the world in general were left stunned with surprise!

With skill and cooperation, Germany had already scored five goals. This humiliation was carried out just two years before Brazil hosted the Olympic Games.

Germany continued this humiliation in the second half and brought the number of goals to 7-0. Oscar gave Brazil one goal but it wasn’t enough to wipe away the tears – that is, to remove the shame!

4. 1990 – Rijkaard spat at Voller

The rivalry between Germany Magharibu and the Netherlands who met in the final of the 1974 cup, which was held by Germany, was revived when the sides met in the playoffs in Italy 1990.

Although the German striker Rudi Voller and the Dutch defender Frank Rijkaard met in the matches of the Italian Serie A league, Voller has been the victim of two bad events ever witnessed in the history of the competition.

What happened:

AC Milan player Rijkaard was carded for fouling Voller and just as the two were returning to the game, Dutchman Rijkaard spat at Voller. When he tried to inform the referee what had happened, Voller himself was punished with a yellow card.

Their scuffle continued a minute later. Referee Juan Carlos Loustau from Argentina, who seemed tired of the game of the two, gave each of them a red card. Voller’s injury was nailed because while he was standing in awe of the situation, he was spat in his hair by Rijkaard.

Matukio 10 yanayokumbukwa zaidi Kombe la Dunia
Matukio 10 yanayokumbukwa zaidi Kombe la Dunia

Rijkaard said: “I admit that day I was wrong. There were no insults. I have a lot of respect for Rudi Voller, but only when I was given a red card, my feelings increased. Voller has forgiven me because later I begged him for forgiveness. I’m happy he accepted. I have no bad feelings towards him.”

5. 1982 – Schumacher attacks Battiston

West Germany’s victory over France in the semi-finals involved six goals, four in overtime and a penalty shootout.

Despite the match being named as one of the best matches in the world cup, the quality was canceled by the incident between the French defender Patrick Battiston and the German goalkeeper Harald Schumacher. After receiving a pass from Michel Platini, French defender Patrick Battiston was hit by goalkeeper Harald Schumacher.

Battiston lost two teeth, injured his back, suffered a rib injury and needed oxygen gas. Battiston later said: “All I know is that Schumacher is a man who wanted to win with incense and incense and so he did it.”

What is surprising is that the referee, Dutchman Charles Corver did not give a reserve shot and Germany headed to the final when they were punished by Italy in Madrid.

6. 1994 – Maradona and Drugs

Just before the 1994 tournament in the United States, Diego Maradona was banned for using illegal drugs. Also, he was given a suspended sentence after shooting the journalists.

Maradona entered the competition after helping Argentina qualify for the 1990 finals and leading them to win the 1986 World Cup. However, his luck turned against expectations. Things seemed to be going well for Maradona after scoring a clean sheet for Argentina against Greece.

The signs he gave celebrating the goal made many doubt his health. Despite everything, the captain was included in the next match against Nigeria.

Matukio 10 yanayokumbukwa zaidi Kombe la Dunia
Matukio 10 yanayokumbukwa zaidi Kombe la Dunia

Maradona did not know what awaited him. The tournament was his last with the policies of Argentina. The star was screened at camp for failing a drug test. He was banned from playing for 15 months. This situation hindered his journey with the Argentine team, which he represented in 91 matches.

7. 1998 – Ronaldo and the 1998 Final.

What happened:

The 1998 Cup would have been Brazil’s fifth if they had won against hosts France.

‘Will he play or not?’

The event itself:

At the age of 21, Ronaldo was the most expensive player in the world and the star of the Inter Milan club. That made it carry the hopes of the entire nation of Brazil for the final at the Stade de France.

Eyes started blinking when the name of Ronaldo, who had four goals in the competition, was absent from the final squad. The situation was rectified and his name was reinstated in the starting lineup. Despite everything, Brazil was overwhelmed and lost 3-0 after Ronaldo hesitated on the field.

Ronaldo defended himself: “I was confused after lunch. I don’t know what happened, I didn’t feel well a few minutes before the match. Nobody knew.”

8. 2010 – French players go on strike

Although they qualified to participate in the cup through Thierry Henry’s hand goal against Ireland, France entered the tournament as finalists as they lost the previous world cup against Italy on penalty kicks.

Despite not scoring a goal for the national team in seven matches and even in the opening match against Uruguay, Chelsea Goalkeeper Nicolas Anelka was given a place in the first row of France’s second match against Mexico.

The event itself.

After the form continued his poor form, coach Raymond Domenech took him off in the second half. France lost the match 2-0.

Anelka’s antics continued after he insulted coach Domenech in the changing room and refused to apologize. That made him removed from the team in South Africa.

9. 2002 – South Korea, Italy and the referee, Korea’s ‘golden goal’ eliminates Italy

After learning that they will play against South Korea, Italy and its coach, Giovanni Trapattoni, were full of hope and felt that they had weak opponents.

What followed was a big shock in the history of football outside and inside the field! Italy took the lead through Christian Vieri’s goal and held the lead until two minutes from time when former Wolves, Reading and Fulham player Seol Ki-hyeon equalized.

In extra time, Ahn Jung-hwan scored the golden goal that defeated Italy. The goal caused Ahn to be fired by the Italian Serie A club, Perugia.

South Korea’s coach at the time, Guus Hiddink, criticized the decision and said it was childish. “Sport means all the players are playing in different countries”.

Although he was later called again by the president of the team Luciano Gaucci, Ahn refused the offer and played his football in the Japanese league.

10. 2002 – Roy Keane arrives in camp

After failing to qualify for the world cup in France 1998, Ireland entered the next tournament in South Korea and Japan in 2002 with a bang. The team had high hopes for former Manchester United captain Roy Keane. But things took a turn for the worse after the star left the camp in Saipan suddenly and angrily.

Matukio 10 yanayokumbukwa zaidi Kombe la Dunia
Matukio 10 yanayokumbukwa zaidi Kombe la Dunia

As soon as they landed in the training camp, Roy Keane was not happy with the training services presented. The boss’ anger increased after the balls and other equipment arrived late. As a result, Keane decided to head home before changing his decision later.

Things got worse after Keane got into an argument with his coach, Mick McCarthy in a squad meeting. Those who witnessed the events are not late in revealing what happened.

Former striker Niall Quinn said: “It’s the worst criticism and ridicule I’ve ever seen. Mick McCarthy was criticized for his behaviour, his tactics, his team play and his contribution and more.”


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