Matukio Kilele cha Wiki ya Mwananchi Yanga Day

Matukio kilele cha wiki ya Mwananchi Yanga Day, Wasanii Wa Wiki Ya Mwananchi Agosti 6, 2022, Yanga Day 2022/2023, Viingilio Siku ya Wananchi 2022/2023, Siku ya Wananchi 2022/2023 Young Africans Day.

KLABU ya Yanga SC, imezindua rasmi wiki ya Mwananchi ambayo kilele chake itakuwa Jumamosi hii ya August 06 kwenye uwanja wa Benjamin Mkapa ambapo kutakuwa na mchezo maalum baada ya utambulisho wa Wachezaji watakaoitumikia timu hiyo kwa msimu huu wa 2022/2023.

Speaking at the launch held at Serena Hotel Today on Monday August 01, 2022, the Chairman of the Committee in charge of the event, Arafat Haji said that they have planned to hold a big event that will shake the country.

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Viingilio Siku ya Wananchi 2022/2023

In addition, the Tickets are available at TTCL Stores across the country, other stations will be announced as shown below.

Matukio Kilele cha Wiki ya Mwananchi Yanga Day

When we are going to launch this day which will be full of enthusiasm, let us use the enthusiasm of winning our cups and that is why our slogan this year reflects what we have implemented in the last season, the slogan of Byuti Byuti is our slogan,” Vice Chairman of Yanga Sc, Arafat Hajj.

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Everything is beautiful towards the Citizen’s week, there will be enough entertainment from various artists, and you will also see beautiful things on the field from our players.

Sabrina Msuya, SportPesa’s Relationship and Communication and Sponsorship Manager said: “As the main sponsors, we join the Yanga Club towards the peak of the Citizen’s Week, we welcome the fans, members and all Tanzanians on Thursday the 4th at the headquarters of the Yanga SC Club on the blood donation exercise.”

Matukio kilele cha wiki ya Mwananchi Yanga Day

The Yanga Club has had a tradition of holding the Citizen’s Week as part of giving back to the community as well as having a peak day where a charity game is held to introduce the players and the respective season’s jerseys Matukio Kilele cha Wiki ya Mwananchi Yanga Day.

KLABU ya Yanga itashuka dimbani kuvaana na Mabingwa wa Ligi ya Uganda  Vipers kwenye kilele cha Siku ya Wananchi ambayo inatarajia kuwa Agosti 6 Mwaka huu.

In another step, Yanga has given a schedule of various activities that they will do within five days towards the summit of that day.
Speaking to journalists yesterday, the vice president of the club and the chairman of the preparation committee for citizens’ week, Arafat Haji, said that they have officially launched yesterday the preparations for citizens’ day which will be celebrated on August 6.

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He said that their schedule will officially launch the presence of the people’s day which has been held in the meeting hall of the Serena Hotel located in Dar es Salaam and tomorrow they will be in Jangwani Secondary to provide support with the aim of giving back to the community.

Matukio Kilele cha Wiki ya Mwananchi Yanga Day
Matukio Kilele cha Wiki ya Mwananchi Yanga Day

In many stages, the chairman of the committee said that tomorrow, Wednesday, they will be traveling together with their partners CRDB from their headquarters to the club’s headquarters in Jangwani.

Wasanii Wa Wiki Ya Mwananchi Agosti 6, 2022

“Thursday we will have a blood donation event where we will collaborate with our main sponsors Sport Pesa at the Muhimbili National Hospital and on Friday we will start receiving our guests who we have invited from different countries,” he said

In addition, the committee mentioned various artists who will perform on the day, including Marioo, Stamina, Mzee wa Bwax and many others who are doing well inside and outside of Tanzania.

“We welcome other companies to come and invest in our Simba club as Mbet has done, but I also welcome everyone to Simba Day on August 8,” he said Matukio Kilele cha Wiki ya Mwananchi Yanga Day.

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