Mfungaji Bora Wa England National Team

Mfungaji Bora Wa England National Team

Amazingly of Mfungaji Bora Wa England National Team, the Tottenham striker has now scored for the Three Lions in 15 straight World Cup and European Championship qualifiers. Kane has proven himself to be a reliable performer when it matters, as seen by his World Cup Golden Boot from 2018 and his four goals in the Euro 2020 knockout rounds.

With his most recent goal, Kane now has 41 goals, one more than Michael Owen, who is in sixth position. It’s rather amazing that the 28-year-old has reached that amount in only 64 appearances.

Only Jimmy Greaves, Gary Lineker, Sir Bobby Charlton, and Wayne Rooney now stand in Kane’s way of glory, but how many more international matches are played now than a few decades ago is a crucial factor in international goal scoring.

So, if strike rate were used instead of total goals, how would England’s top Mfungaji Bora Wa England National Team rank?

Mfungaji Bora Wa England National Team

Jimmy Greaves Caps: 57 Goals: 44

Jimmy Greaves deserves a lot more credit than he receives because of his 0.77 goals per game average and the fact that only Lineker, Charlton, and Rooney have scored more goals for England than he has.

The fact that Geoff Hurst, who memorably scored a hat-trick against Germany, replaced Greaves when the latter had an injury during the group stages, may have contributed to his exclusion from the 1966 World Cup final.

However, Greaves’ 44 goals in just 57 appearances is Mfungaji Bora Wa England National Team—which included goals against Spain, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, and the Netherlands—are an impressive accomplishment.

Harry Kane Caps: 64 Goals: 41

Much while Kane’s rise to sixth place among England’s all-time leading Mfungaji Bora Wa England National Team in just 64 appearances is remarkable, it is even more so. He scored six goals to win the World Cup Golden Boot in 2018 and another four in the Euros this summer, tying Gary Lineker as the Three Lions’ greatest scorer at big competitions.

Being England’s sole penalty taker undoubtedly helps, especially given how adept Gareth Southgate’s team is at generating fouls in the penalty area. But he only takes penalties because he is so adept at hitting the ball.

By the completion of the World Cup in Qatar in December 2022, Kane will likely hold the record for most goals scored by an English player.

Mfungaji Bora Wa England National Team
Mfungaji Bora Wa England National Team


Gary Lineker Caps: 80 Goals: 48

Perhaps of Mfungaji Bora Wa England National Team the two most iconic pictures of Gary Lineker wearing an England jersey are his indicating to the bench that Paul Gascoigne was having trouble after receiving a yellow card in the 1990 World Cup semifinal and him scraping across the field against Ireland at the same tournament.

Bobby Charlton Caps: 106 Goals: 49

In keeping with the trend of ranking the Mfungaji Bora Wa England National Team in reverse order, the second-highest goal scorer for England is ranked fourth in terms of goals per appearance.

But the most amazing aspect of Charlton’s 49 goals for the Three Lions is that he wasn’t even a true striker; rather, he operated outside the forward line to connect play and sometimes find a world-class player.

Wayne Rooney Caps: 120 Goals: 53

Wayne Rooney is the Mfungaji Bora Wa England National Team, who ranks fifth with a strike rate of 0.44 goals per cap during his international career, completely changes the order of the top five.

Remember that Rooney struggled to get into scoring situations by playing a handful of games in midfield toward the conclusion of his England tenure. Additionally, Rooney, a former player for Manchester United and Everton, participated in some rather catastrophic international competitions under coaches like Roy Hodgson and Fabio Capello, with the entire Three Lions squad failing and Rooney bearing the brunt of the blame.

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