Mgawanyo wa Mapato ya Mchezo

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Mgawanyo wa Mapato ya Mchezo Tanzanian Premier League (Ligi kuu ya Tanzania) top-tier professional football competition, the Tanzania Mainland Premier League (Ligi Kuu Tanzania Bara in Swahili), is run by the Tanzania Football Federation. The “National League” version of the league was established in 1965. Later, it was known as the “First Division Soccer League,” and in 1997, it was known as the “Premier League.”

Each side plays the other twice, both at home and away, in the Tanzanian Premier League (TPL), which is played in the traditional double round-robin format. Each victory results in three points for the victor, one point for each side in the event of a tie, and zero points for a defeat.

Mgawanyo wa Mapato ya Mchezo

Traditionally, cash was used to pay for the majority or all of the gate collection. Many athletic facilities today may run a season ticket program, which means they will deduct a portion of the season ticket money from the gate proceeds for a certain event.

The term “gate” is also occasionally used to describe the attendance.

Mgawanyo wa Mapato ya Mchezo (gate collection) will be done using the Form TFF income specific to that use with regard to percentage rates relevant for each area in accordance with these Regulations.

Mgawanyo wa Mapato ya Mchezo

Jumla ya PATO

  • VAT  18%

Baki ya PATO

  • BMT  3%

Gharama za Tiketi (kiwango husika)

Baki ya PATO

  • Timu Mwenyeji  25%
  • Timu Mgeni  25%
  • Mamlaka ya Uwanja 15%
  • TFF 19%
  • Gharama za Mchezo 10%
  • FA (M) 6%
Mgawanyo wa Mapato ya Mchezo
Mgawanyo wa Mapato ya Mchezo

Gate receipts (collection) usually go to the home team, however, for cup matches, the gate is split with the other club, after deduction of expenses. Prior to 1983, a percentage of league game gate receipts were given to the away club. The league also charged a levy on the gate receipts.

The Center Manager is responsible for managing all activities involving Revenue and Costs with distribution to all eligible parties and will submit a statement of income and money of the relevant game to TFF in a period not exceeding forty-eight hours (48hrs). A leader or manager who fails to submit will be taken action for according to TFF Regulations.

Payments and various Eligibility in relation to the Federation Cup are as directed on the Federation Cup Guide for the relevant Season and in accordance with the Rules of TFF Funds.

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