Mighty Wanderers FC Players Salaries 2022/2023

Mighty Wanderers FC Players Salaries 2022/2023 How much are the top salaries for Mighty Wanderers FC Players Salaries 2022/2023? If that’s what you are looking for, you’ve come to the right spot. Athletes always get paid the most and dominate the payrolls in any given year. In some cases, athletes can even draw a salary in the zeros.

The same goes for Mighty Wanderers FC footballers, who are the highest-paid players in any given year. While some of them may draw a salary in the zeros, it’s not uncommon for these athletes to make a seven-figure salary each year.

This is a list of the player salaries at Mighty Wanderers FC, with players 22-1 listed by their current squad number. The table also includes information about the transfer fee (if there is one) and the year the player joined the club.

The club’s average salary is $1.6 million per year, which ranks them at #30 among all football clubs in the Central East Africa. The club’s highest-earning player is Adeleke Kalaole, who earns an estimated $100.5K per year at Mighty Wanderers FC. The lowest-paid player on the roster is avalage of who takes home $154K per year.

Mighty Wanderers FC Players Salaries 2022/2023

1GKMalawiRichard Chipuwa€20k
2DFMalawiBongani Kaipa€65k
4DFMalawiTed Sumani€50k
5DFMalawiPeter Cholopi€34k
27FWMalawiMiracle Gabeya€60k
7DFMalawiFrancis Mulimbika€50k
9MFMalawiVincent Nyangulu
10MFMalawiYamikani Chester€75k
11MFMalawiAlfred Manyozo (Captain)€75k
12DFMalawiStanley Sanudi€75k
14MFMalawiChiukepo Msowoya€65k
16GKMalawiPilirani Mapira€75k
17MFMalawiIsaac Kaliati€70k
30MFGhanaAdeleke Kalaole$100.5K
18DFMalawiRoben Ngalande€25.91k
21GKMalawiWilliam Thole€45k
22FWMalawiAubrey Maloya€35k
24MFMalawiMisheck Botomani€65k
25MFMalawiFelix Zulu€65k
29FWMalawiMuhammad Sulumba€75.3k
28FWMalawiMisheki Botomani
3DFMalawiMiracle Chilamba
Mighty Wanderers FC Players Salaries 2022/2023
Mighty Wanderers FC Players Salaries 2022/2023

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