Mishahara Ya Wachezaji Wa Yanga 2022/2023 Player Salaries

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Young Africans Yanga is one of the most successful clubs in the history of Tanzania soccer. Since their inception, they have won 28 Tanzania Premier League titles and the CECAFA Club Championship five separate occasions. They are also one of only three teams that have won the NBC Premier League (previous known as the Vodacom Premier league) with a doubleheader, meaning they won both the league and cup championship during the same season.

Mishahara Ya Wachezaji Wa Yanga 2022/2023

In addition to winning so many domestic and international competitions, Young Africans is also one of the highest paid teams in Tanzania professional soccer. Their players are some of the most marketable athletes on the East Africa Region and earn some unbelievable incomes every year thanks to their contracts, performance bonuses, image rights, sponsorships, and endorsements. Here we’ll take a look at how much these players earn from their contracts alone (Mishahara Ya Wachezaji Wa Yanga 2022/2023)…

Who Is Yanga Highest Paid Player? Mchezaji Anayelipwa Zaidi Yanga

Yanga’s top paid player, and possibly the most paid player in the Tanzanian Premier League, NBC Tanzania Premier League 2022/2023, is Heritier Makambo. Heitier Makambo is estimated to be receiving a salary of 13 million Tanzanian shillings. Shaban Djuma, the defender of  Yanga, comes next, receiving 10 million Tanzanian shillings.

Mishahara Ya Wachezaji Wa Yanga 2022/2023 Player Salaries
Yanga Player Salaries 2022/2023

Mishahara Ya Wachezaji Wa Yanga

20Zawadi Mauya27Tanzania5.2M
39Djigui Diarra27Mali9.3M
-Abuutwalib Mshary23Tanzania2.5M
-Erick Johola Johora22Tanzania1.2M
-Abdallah Shaibu23Zanzibar1.5M
3Bakari Mwamnyeto26Tanzania5.1M
5Dickson Job21Tanzania3.4M
-Lomalisa Mutambala29DR Congo4M
-David Bryson20Tanzania1M
-Djuma Shabani29DR Congo8.1M
15Ally Kibwana Shomari21Tanzania1.7M
-Yannick Bangala28DR Congo9M
-Khalid Aucho29Uganda16M
-Salum Abubakar Salum33Tanzania2.3M
-Gaël Bigirimana28Burundi6.2M
6Feisal Salum24Tanzania4M
Kennedy Musonda28Zambian12M
-Salum Telela30Tanzania-
-Stephane Aziz Ki26Burkina Faso23.4M
-Denis Nkane18Tanzania1.1M
-Faridi Mussa26Tanzania2.5M
-Dickson Ambundo26Tanzania1.3M
Mamadou Doumbia27Mali8.7M
19Heritier Makambo28DR Congo10M
-Tuisila Kisinda22DR Congo9.1M
33Bernard Morrison29Ghana23.2M
12Ducapel Moloko24DR Congo7M
-Lazarous Kambole28Zambia4.1M
-Fiston Mayele28DR Congo16M

About Yanga: The Young Africans Sports Club, sometimes known as Yanga Sc, is a Tanzanian football team based in the Dar es Salaam neighborhood of Jangwani. Since 1935, Benjamin Mkapa Stadium has served as the home site for the club’s matches. The club was established in 1935. Msofe Isa wrote it.Mishahara Ya Wachezaji Wa Yanga 2022/2023 Player Salaries

Young Africans Sports Club Headquarter
Young Africans Sports Club Headquarter

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The precise translation of the club’s name, “Yanga,” is “Young Boys.” They now boast 28 league titles, as well as a number of domestic cup titles, and have competed in several CAF Champions Leagues. They have won the CECAFA Club Championship five times in a row.

The club came as a symbol of the resistance movement against colonialism. As young people in Africa began to connect with nationalists and freedom fighters, the political party TANU decided to make yellow and green its primary colour. The club is currently in the middle of a process that will provide investors with a 49 percent ownership stake in the club while giving club members a 51 percent ownership stake in the club.

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