MLS Next Pro 2022 Schedule, Results, Tables and Scores

MLS Next Pro 2022 Schedule, Results, Tables and Scores, MLS Next Pro – USA, 2022 MLS Next Pro season, MLS Next Pro 2022 live scores, results, Football USA.

MLS Next Pro 2022 Schedule, Results, Tables and Scores: MLS Next Pro is a men’s professional soccer league in the United States and Canada that is affiliated with Major League Soccer. It launched in 2022 with 21 teams, of which 20 are reserve sides for MLS clubs and the independent Rochester New York FC.

MLS Next Pro 2022 Schedule, Results, Tables and Scores

1. Round
26/03/202200:00St. Louis City SC 2Rochester NYFC2:0
19:00Orlando City BChicago Fire 22:0
22:00Inter Miami CF 2Columbus Crew 22:0
27/03/202202:00North Texas SCMinnesota United FC 23:1
02:00Houston Dynamo 2Vancouver Whitecaps 21:0
19:00Philadelphia Union 2FC Cincinnati 22:0
20:00Tacoma DefianceReal Monarchs SLC4:0
22:00New York City FC 2New England Revolution 22:2
23:00Colorado Rapids 2Sporting Kansas City 21:1
31/03/202203:00Portland Timbers 2San Jose Earthquakes 20:2
2. Round
03/04/202200:00Real Monarchs SLCVancouver Whitecaps 21:3 pso
03:00Tacoma DefianceNorth Texas SC5:6 pso
19:00FC Cincinnati 2Toronto FC 22:1
19:00Minnesota United FC 2Sporting Kansas City 20:2
23:00New England Revolution 2Rochester NYFC3:1
23:00Orlando City BNew York City FC 22:2
04/04/202200:00Chicago Fire 2Columbus Crew 20:1
00:00Houston Dynamo 2San Jose Earthquakes 21:0
05/04/202223:00Inter Miami CF 2Philadelphia Union 23:4 pso
09/04/202200:00Real Monarchs SLCMinnesota United FC 22:3
10/04/202218:00Toronto FC 2New York City FC 23:1
22:00Chicago Fire 2Rochester NYFC5:6 pso
22:00North Texas SCColorado Rapids 23:1
22:00Philadelphia Union 2Columbus Crew 20:1
22:00Vancouver Whitecaps 2Portland Timbers 21:4 pso
22:30Inter Miami CF 2Orlando City B2:0
11/04/202200:00Sporting Kansas City 2Houston Dynamo 20:3
01:00St. Louis City SC 2Tacoma Defiance4:3
16/04/202200:00Columbus Crew 2Orlando City B2:0
18:00New York City FC 2Inter Miami CF 27:0
17/04/202201:00Sporting Kansas City 2St. Louis City SC 20:1
02:00Houston Dynamo 2Portland Timbers 24:1
19:00Minnesota United FC 2Colorado Rapids 24:0
19:00New England Revolution 2FC Cincinnati 23:2
19:00Toronto FC 2Chicago Fire 24:2
23:00Tacoma DefianceVancouver Whitecaps 21:2
18/04/202201:00San Jose Earthquakes 2North Texas SC0:1
23/04/202218:00FC Cincinnati 2Inter Miami CF 20:1
22:20North Texas SCHouston Dynamo 22:3
24/04/202200:00Rochester NYFCNew York City FC 22:3
19:00Columbus Crew 2Toronto FC 22:1
25/04/202200:00Chicago Fire 2Philadelphia Union 25:4 pso
00:00Orlando City BNew England Revolution 24:3 pso
00:00Vancouver Whitecaps 2Sporting Kansas City 24:1
01:00St. Louis City SC 2Minnesota United FC 20:4
02:00Portland Timbers 2Real Monarchs SLC4:2 pso
26/04/202201:00San Jose Earthquakes 2Tacoma Defiance4:5 pso
30/04/202202:00Real Monarchs SLCSt. Louis City SC 20:2
21:00Philadelphia Union 2New York City FC 22:1
3. Round
23:00Vancouver Whitecaps 2San Jose Earthquakes 22:0
23:00Toronto FC 2FC Cincinnati 24:2
01/05/202218:00New England Revolution 2Inter Miami CF 21:0
19:00Colorado Rapids 2Portland Timbers 23:1
23:00Tacoma DefianceHouston Dynamo 24:1
02/05/202201:00Sporting Kansas City 2North Texas SC0:2
08/05/202200:00Inter Miami CF 2Philadelphia Union 21:2
01:00St. Louis City SC 2Vancouver Whitecaps 21:2
19:00Sporting Kansas City 2Real Monarchs SLC4:2
21:00New York City FC 2Toronto FC 24:1
22:00Chicago Fire 2Minnesota United FC 26:7 pso
22:00New England Revolution 2Columbus Crew 20:4
22:00FC Cincinnati 2Rochester NYFC1:2
22:00San Jose Earthquakes 2Portland Timbers 23:0
22:00North Texas SCTacoma Defiance2:4
09/05/202202:00Houston Dynamo 2Colorado Rapids 22:0
14/05/202223:00Minnesota United FC 2Houston Dynamo 21:1
23:00Rochester NYFCInter Miami CF 24:1
15/05/202200:00Toronto FC 2New England Revolution 20:1
02:00North Texas SCVancouver Whitecaps 21:0
21:00New York City FC 2Columbus Crew 20:1
23:00Chicago Fire 2FC Cincinnati 23:1
16/05/202203:00Portland Timbers 2Sporting Kansas City 21:2
03:00Tacoma DefianceReal Monarchs SLC2:0
03:30San Jose Earthquakes 2Colorado Rapids 27:1
17/05/202200:00Philadelphia Union 2Orlando City B1:0
21/05/202202:00Real Monarchs SLCNorth Texas SC0:3
23:00New York City FC 2Chicago Fire 23:0
23:00Orlando City BInter Miami CF 26:0
23:00Rochester NYFCPhiladelphia Union 23:0
23:00Vancouver Whitecaps 2Minnesota United FC 21:3 pso
22/05/202203:00San Jose Earthquakes 2Sporting Kansas City 21:2
17:00Columbus Crew 2Toronto FC 24:2
22:00FC Cincinnati 2New England Revolution 20:1
23/05/202201:00St. Louis City SC 2Portland Timbers 23:1
04:00Colorado Rapids 2Tacoma Defiance0:2
26/05/202202:00Real Monarchs SLCHouston Dynamo 20:1
28/05/202200:00New England Revolution 2Philadelphia Union 21:0
00:00Toronto FC 2Chicago Fire 22:6
29/05/202219:00Columbus Crew 2Rochester NYFC0:4
19:00Sporting Kansas City 2Vancouver Whitecaps 21:1
19:00Minnesota United FC 2Colorado Rapids 25:1
30/05/202200:00Inter Miami CF 2New York City FC 21:2
00:00Orlando City BFC Cincinnati 23:5
01:00St. Louis City SC 2San Jose Earthquakes 21:1
01/06/202203:00Tacoma DefiancePortland Timbers 23:0
4. Round
03/06/202200:00Rochester NYFCToronto FC 24:3 pso
04/06/202223:00Chicago Fire 2Columbus Crew 22:4
05/06/202200:00Inter Miami CF 2New England Revolution 22:0
00:00Orlando City BNew York City FC 23:5 pso
01:00Sporting Kansas City 2Minnesota United FC 21:2
01:00St. Louis City SC 2Houston Dynamo 22:0
02:00Colorado Rapids 2North Texas SC1:3
03:00Tacoma DefianceSan Jose Earthquakes 26:1
06/06/202201:00Vancouver Whitecaps 2Real Monarchs SLC4:0 (2:0)
09/06/202202:00Colorado Rapids 2St. Louis City SC 23:4 pso
03:00San Jose Earthquakes 2Minnesota United FC 22:1
10/06/202200:00Columbus Crew 2Inter Miami CF 25:0
12/06/202201:00Chicago Fire 2St. Louis City SC 20:5
01:00FC Cincinnati 2Rochester NYFC1:0
01:00Houston Dynamo 2Sporting Kansas City 20:1
01:00New England Revolution 2Orlando City B2:1
01:00Toronto FC 2Philadelphia Union 21:0
02:00North Texas SCPortland Timbers 22:1
22:00Vancouver Whitecaps 2Tacoma Defiance2:2
13/06/202202:00Colorado Rapids 2Real Monarchs SLC3:1
18/06/202201:00Sporting Kansas City 2St. Louis City SC 21:2
02:00Real Monarchs SLCSan Jose Earthquakes 20:1
03:00Vancouver Whitecaps 2North Texas SC3:1
18:00New York City FC 2Toronto FC 20:2
19/06/202200:00New England Revolution 2Rochester NYFC4:5 pso
03:00Tacoma DefianceColorado Rapids 24:1
19:00Columbus Crew 2Orlando City B6:1
19:00Philadelphia Union 2Chicago Fire 21:1
20/06/202201:00Inter Miami CF 2FC Cincinnati 24:0 (2:0)
02:00Portland Timbers 2Houston Dynamo 22:1 (0:1)
25/06/202200:00Rochester NYFCColumbus Crew 21:0 pso
03:00Vancouver Whitecaps 2San Jose Earthquakes 22:3
18:00FC Cincinnati 2Orlando City B1:3
26/06/202200:00St. Louis City SC 2Real Monarchs SLC2:0
22:00Chicago Fire 2New England Revolution 24:3
27/06/202201:00Houston Dynamo 2Tacoma Defiance1:0
01:30North Texas SCMinnesota United FC 24:0
03:00Portland Timbers 2Colorado Rapids 22:4
28/06/202200:00Philadelphia Union 2New York City FC 20:5
5. Round
02/07/202200:00Rochester NYFCOrlando City B3:2
02:00Real Monarchs SLCPortland Timbers 24:0
03:30San Jose Earthquakes 2Houston Dynamo 23:4 pso
03/07/202200:00Inter Miami CF 2Chicago Fire 23:1
00:00New York City FC 2FC Cincinnati 25:1
01:00Sporting Kansas City 2North Texas SC4:2
01:00St. Louis City SC 2Colorado Rapids 21:2
04/07/202200:00Toronto FC 2New England Revolution 21:1
01:00Minnesota United FC 2Vancouver Whitecaps 22:0
08/07/202200:00Rochester NYFCPhiladelphia Union 23:0
10/07/202223:00FC Cincinnati 2Chicago Fire 20:3
23:00New England Revolution 2New York City FC 20:4
11/07/202200:00Orlando City BInter Miami CF 21:3
00:00Toronto FC 2Columbus Crew 24:3 pso
01:00Colorado Rapids 2Sporting Kansas City 20:2
01:00Houston Dynamo 2Real Monarchs SLC4:1
01:30North Texas SCSan Jose Earthquakes 21:3
02:00Minnesota United FC 2St. Louis City SC 21:2
03:00Portland Timbers 2Tacoma Defiance1:6
15/07/202223:00Colorado Rapids 2San Jose Earthquakes 22:1
16/07/202202:00North Texas SCHouston Dynamo 24:5 pso
17/07/202200:00Columbus Crew 2FC Cincinnati 24:0
00:00New York City FC 2Rochester NYFC0:1
02:00Real Monarchs SLCSporting Kansas City 21:0
03:00Portland Timbers 2Vancouver Whitecaps 21:2
18/07/202200:00Chicago Fire 2Orlando City B3:4
03:00Tacoma DefianceMinnesota United FC 23:2
23:00Philadelphia Union 2Toronto FC 21:2
22/07/202221:00Portland Timbers 2San Jose Earthquakes 21:2 (0:0)
23:00Rochester NYFCFC Cincinnati 20:2
23/07/202201:00Sporting Kansas City 2Tacoma Defiance0:3
24/07/202201:00St. Louis City SC 2North Texas SC2:0
22:00Columbus Crew 2New England Revolution 24:1
23:00New York City FC 2Inter Miami CF 24:2 pso
25/07/202200:00Orlando City BPhiladelphia Union 21:3
01:00Colorado Rapids 2Vancouver Whitecaps 23:2 pso
01:00Houston Dynamo 2Minnesota United FC 21:0
30/07/202203:00Vancouver Whitecaps 2Houston Dynamo 25:3 pso
31/07/202200:00Rochester NYFCChicago Fire 24:5 pso
03:00Tacoma DefianceSt. Louis City SC 25:1
23:00FC Cincinnati 2Inter Miami CF 23:4 pso
23:00Minnesota United FC 2Portland Timbers 23:1
01/08/202200:00New England Revolution 2Toronto FC 20:2
00:00Philadelphia Union 2Columbus Crew 22:1
01:30North Texas SCSporting Kansas City 23:0
02:00San Jose Earthquakes 2Real Monarchs SLC3:1
6. Round
06/08/202201:30Real Monarchs SLCVancouver Whitecaps 23:1
03:30San Jose Earthquakes 2Tacoma Defiance0:2
07/08/202202:00St. Louis City SC 2Chicago Fire 22:1
04:59Colorado Rapids 2Minnesota United FC 23:3
22:00Columbus Crew 2New York City FC 23:0
23:00FC Cincinnati 2Philadelphia Union 22:3
08/08/202200:00Inter Miami CF 2New England Revolution 24:2
00:00Toronto FC 2Orlando City B3:0
01:00Houston Dynamo 2Sporting Kansas City 23:0
03:00Portland Timbers 2North Texas SC7:6 pso
13/08/202200:00Rochester NYFCToronto FC 21:2
01:00New York City FC 2Orlando City B0:2
02:00North Texas SCReal Monarchs SLC4:0
14/08/202222:00Vancouver Whitecaps 2St. Louis City SC 21:4
23:00FC Cincinnati 2Columbus Crew 24:2 pso
23:00Sporting Kansas City 2Portland Timbers 22:0
23:00New England Revolution 2Chicago Fire 21:0
23:00Philadelphia Union 2Inter Miami CF 25:4 pso
15/08/202202:00Houston Dynamo 2Colorado Rapids 24:5 pso
16/08/202201:00Minnesota United FC 2Tacoma Defiance2:1
18/08/202200:00Orlando City BRochester NYFC5:2
21/08/202200:00Orlando City BColumbus Crew 21:3 pso
01:00Chicago Fire 2New York City FC 25:0
03:00Tacoma DefianceSporting Kansas City 21:0
22/08/202200:00Inter Miami CF 2Rochester NYFC2:1
00:00Philadelphia Union 2New England Revolution 25:1
00:00Toronto FC 2FC Cincinnati 22:1
02:00Minnesota United FC 2Real Monarchs SLC3:1 pso
03:00Colorado Rapids 2North Texas SC0:3 pso
03:00San Jose Earthquakes 2St. Louis City SC 22:5
24/08/202223:00New York City FC 2Philadelphia Union 2-:-
26/08/202201:00Chicago Fire 2Toronto FC 2-:-
03:00Vancouver Whitecaps 2Colorado Rapids 2-:-
27/08/202202:00Real Monarchs SLCTacoma Defiance-:-
22:30Columbus Crew 2Philadelphia Union 2-:-
28/08/202200:00Minnesota United FC 2Houston Dynamo 2-:-
00:00Portland Timbers 2St. Louis City SC 2-:-
00:00Rochester NYFCNew England Revolution 2-:-
23:00Sporting Kansas City 2San Jose Earthquakes 2-:-
30/08/202200:00Orlando City BFC Cincinnati 2-:-
7. Round
04/09/202200:00Inter Miami CF 2Toronto FC 2-:-
00:00Minnesota United FC 2North Texas SC-:-
00:00New England Revolution 2Orlando City B-:-
01:00Houston Dynamo 2St. Louis City SC 2-:-
02:00Real Monarchs SLCPortland Timbers 2-:-
21:00FC Cincinnati 2New York City FC 2-:-
21:00Columbus Crew 2Chicago Fire 2-:-
23:00Philadelphia Union 2Rochester NYFC-:-
06/09/202201:00Sporting Kansas City 2Colorado Rapids 2-:-
02:00San Jose Earthquakes 2Vancouver Whitecaps 2-:-
10/09/202202:00San Jose Earthquakes 2Real Monarchs SLC-:-
03:00Vancouver Whitecaps 2Tacoma Defiance-:-
11/09/202201:00New York City FC 2New England Revolution 2-:-
18:00Philadelphia Union 2Orlando City B-:-
21:00FC Cincinnati 2Chicago Fire 2-:-
22:00Portland Timbers 2Minnesota United FC 2-:-
22:00Toronto FC 2Rochester NYFC-:-
12/09/202200:00Inter Miami CF 2Columbus Crew 2-:-
01:00Colorado Rapids 2Houston Dynamo 2-:-
01:30North Texas SCSt. Louis City SC 2-:-
15/09/202200:00Toronto FC 2Inter Miami CF 2-:-
01:00Portland Timbers 2Vancouver Whitecaps 2-:-
18/09/202220:00Chicago Fire 2Inter Miami CF 2-:-
20:00Columbus Crew 2FC Cincinnati 2-:-
20:00New England Revolution 2Philadelphia Union 2-:-
20:00Orlando City BToronto FC 2-:-
20:00Rochester NYFCNew York City FC 2-:-
19/09/202200:00Houston Dynamo 2North Texas SC-:-
00:00Minnesota United FC 2San Jose Earthquakes 2-:-
00:00Real Monarchs SLCColorado Rapids 2-:-
00:00Tacoma DefiancePortland Timbers 2-:-
00:00St. Louis City SC 2Sporting Kansas City 2-:-


MLS Next Pro 2022 Schedule, Results, Tables and Scores
MLS Next Pro 2022 Schedule, Results, Tables and Scores

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