MTV MAMA Awards 2022/23 Nomination List

MTV MAMA Awards 2022/23 Nomination List

MTV MAMA Awards 2022/23 Nomination List, MTV Africa Music Awards nominees, All the nominees MTV Award, MTV Africa Music Awards 2023, See the Full List ya washiriki wa tuzo za MAMA Africa 2023, WINNERS, Category Winners For MTV MAMA 2022/23.

MTV MAMA Awards 2022/23 Nomination List, The winner of each Main Category and Social Category will be announced during the MTV MAMA on 20 February 2023 or on VCNA’s MTV MAMA social channels.

VCNA will determine the total number of valid votes cast for each nominee in a category throughout the voting period. Given that the MTV MAMA is a pan-African event, votes cast outside of a nominee’s nation or area will be given more weight when the total number of valid votes is determined.

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Although public votes are not the only factor in determining category winners, VCNA (and any authorized representative thereof) will, in its sole and absolute discretion, take into account the total number of eligible votes submitted and calculated, including the application of any weighting for pan-regional votes, along with other relevant category selection factors.

During the appropriate voting time, as MTV MAMA Awards 2022/23 Nomination List

(i) outlined above, please indicate your selection for the following nominees: You must I record an original Instagram Reel or Twitter Video announcing your nominee for the Biggest Fans category,

(ii) include the Biggest Fans Hashtag (details below) that corresponds to your nominee in your Reel/Video, and

(iii) publish your Instagram Reel (with caption) to y (which must comply in all respects with these Official Voting Rules, including without limitation, the terms of Section 7);

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Main Categories MTV MAMA Awards 2022/23 Nomination List

1.   Best Female
2.   Best Male
3.   Best Group
4.   Best Breakthrough Act
5.   Best Collaboration
6.   Best Hip Hop Act
7.   Best Alternative Act
8.   Best Ugandan Act
9.   Best Lusophone Act
10. Best Francophone Act
11. Artist of the Year
12. Best Alone Together Lockdown Performance
13. Best International Act
14. Video of the Year
15. Song of The Year
16. Listeners Choice Award
17. Personality of the Year Award
18. MAMA Legend Award
19. MAMA Generation Change Award

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