Nandy festival Na Shoo Zake 2022

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Nandy festival Na Shoo Zake 2022 Songea event to be held in Nandy, Speaking about her event, the “Nandy Festival,” which is scheduled to take place in Songea, Ruvuma on July 23 this year, the celebrity, alias Nandy, said as much in an interview with a network in Dar es Salaam last weekend.

Don’t believe that being pregnant can stop me since I’ll be someone’s wife this year at the celebration at the Maji Maji Stadium, Nandy said.

Before departing for Songea to play at the event with the theme “Tupo Veree,” the artist expressed excitement about being married to her fiancé, musician William Lyimo “Billnass.”

The singer said that even though her growing baby belly has made it difficult for her to perform for the crowd, she is still going all out to put on a fun concert.

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In other words, this concert would be different from previous ones since the audience will see me pregnant. However, she insisted that anyone who believes that because they are expecting, she cannot perform, is lying to herself.

Nandy festival Na Shoo Zake 2022

Nandy stated that she will perform the act extremely carefully to ensure a successful and safe conclusion. as well as The singer acknowledged that she knows some people are taken aback by the decision, but promised them she will exercise caution.

Nandy on Nandy festival Na Shoo Zake 2022 did not specifically say if she would accompany her husband to the concert; instead, she said that they were in contact with her management to discuss the idea of his attending.

According to Nandy, “if my management concurs with me, he would attend the festival in Songea, which will include many local musicians as well as some from overseas provided we continue talking with them.”

Nandy festival Na Shoo Zake 2022, Nandy stated that she was unable to disclose the other performers that will go with her to the festival at this time, but that a list of their names would be made public after the wedding ceremony.

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