NIT Driving courses 2022 | Kozi Za Udereva Nit

NIT Driving courses 2022 | Kozi Za Udereva Nit

NIT Driving courses 2022 | Kozi Za Udereva Nit is a great way to ease into the world of driving, and quickly reap the benefits. The best way to start your driving career is with a NIT driving training course.

National Institute of Transport is one among popular universities in Tanzania and also considered among the best. That’s why so many people opt for NIT driving training. It can be intimidating to get behind the wheel of a car for the first time on NIT Driving courses 2022 | Kozi Za Udereva Nit.

The benefits of taking a NIT driving course are many. Few of them includes: A great way to ease into the world of driving . If you’re nervous about getting behind the wheel, then a NIT driving course is a good way to get started. Many beginners find that driving training is a great gateway into regular driving on NIT Driving courses 2022 | Kozi Za Udereva Nit.

Aims of NIT Driving courses 2022 | Kozi Za Udereva NIT 2022


A program is designed to provide participants with knowledge and soft skills in effective Transport supervision and working effectively with integrity under minimum supervision. This course aims at enabling participants to:

  • Understand the responsibilities and contributions of transport sector in the economics development of Tanzania
  • Understand causes of accidents
  • Eradicate accidents in Tanzania
  • Minimize the cost of transportation
  • Understand routing and vehicle scheduling
  • Use Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) for effective fleet management
  • Know factors to consider when procuring vehicles
  • Recognize fleet management procedures and techniques

Who should attend Driving Courses At NIT?

Driving courses can be an effective way to get people ready to get behind the wheel of a car on NIT Driving courses 2022 | Kozi Za Udereva Nit. These courses can help people learn how to drive and make it as comfortable as possible. These courses can also help people with their road safety and become accustomed to the responsibilities of driving.

Anyone who has ever held a driver’s license knows that driving requires a lot of practice. But before anyone can become a skilled driver, they need to take a driving course.  National Institute of Transport offers driving courses to anyone met the course entry requirement but the following group are higly encouraged to take driving courses

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  • Transport officers
  • Drivers
  • Transport stakeholders

1.3 Duration of the Course Kozi Za Udereva NIT 2021

This course lasts for two (2) weeks of extensive training.

1Advanced Driver’s Grade Two (INDUSTRIAL)4 Weeks
2Advanced Driver’s Grade Two ( VIP)4 Weeks
3Advanced Driver’s Grade One4 Weeks
4Public Service Vehicle (Passenger) Driving Course (PSV).10 Weeks
5Senior Driver’s Course.6 Weeks
6Driver Instructors Course.10 Weeks
7Vehicle inspection and appraisal15 Weeks
8Heavy Goods Vehicle10 Weeks
9Tyre care and maintenance1 Weeks
10Fuel Management in Vehicle Operations1 Weeks
11Transport Officer Seminars2 Weeks
12Road Traffic Accidents Handling and analysis1 Weeks
13Road Safety awareness1 Weeks
14Cargo handling2 Weeks
15Planned Preventive Maintenance for Motor Vehicles2 Weeks
16Troubleshooting in vehicle systems2 Weeks
17Diesel engine Services and Maintenance2 Weeks
18Defensive Driving2 Weeks
19Petrol Engine Services and Maintenance2 Weeks
20Customer care1 Weeks
21Stores Management2 Weeks
22Transport costing and transport statistics analysis2 Weeks
23Forklift operators’ training5 days
24Vehicle inspection and road safety24 Weeks

NIT Driving courses 2022 | Kozi Za Udereva Nit

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Course fees NIT Driving courses 2022 | Kozi Za Udereva Nit

Tuition fees for the course is Tshs. 405,000/= per participant.  Payment must be done through our NMB Bank A/C No. 20501100006 NIT MAIN ACCOUNT

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