NTA Competence Level Descriptors

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NTA Competence Level Descriptors, The National Technical Awards in technical education and training have been specified and developed by NACTE (NTA). The National Technical Awards (NTA) are competency-based and created to demonstrate that the award recipient is capable of using the knowledge and abilities listed in the appropriate professional area.

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A ten-level framework of TVET credentials is provided by the seven NTA Levels of NACTE in conjunction with the three VETA system of awards known as National Vocation Awards (NVA). Each NTA level has the following general NTA Competence Level Descriptors:

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NTA Competence Level Descriptors

Minimum Overall CreditsMinimum Credits from current LevelAwardCompetence Level descriptors
NTA Level 4120120Basic Technician CertificateApply knowledge and skills at routine level
NTA Level 5120120Technician CertificateApply knowledge and skills in a range of activities, some of which are non-routine and be able to assume some operational responsibilities
NTA Level 6240120Ordinary DiplomaApply knowledge and skills in broad range of work activities, most of which are non- routine
NTA Level 7360360Higher DiplomaApply knowledge, skills and understanding in a range of complex technical activities, high degree of personal responsibility and some responsibility for the work of other
NTA Level 8480120Bachelor DegreeApply knowledge, skills and understanding in wide and unpredictable variety of contexts with substantial personal responsibility, responsibility for the work of others and responsibility for the allocation of resources, policy, planning, execution and evaluation
NTA Level 9180150Master’s degreeThe holder of the qualification will be able to display mastery of a complex and specialised area of knowledge and skills, employing knowledge and understanding to conduct research or advanced technical or professional activity, able to work autonomously and in complex and unpredictable situations
NTA Level 10540360DoctorateThe holder of the qualification will be able to apply knowledge and understanding and do advanced research resulting into significant and original contributions to a specialised field, demonstrate a command of methodological issues and engaging in critical dialoguewith peers, able to work autonomously and in complex and unpredictable situations.

NTA Competence Level Descriptors

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