Orlando Pirates Chairman Irvin Khoza Responds

Orlando Pirates Chairman Irvin Khoza Responds

Irvin Khoza, the Orlando Pirates Chairman Irvin Khoza Responds, has mocked those who have criticized the club’s decision to hire a new coach. Johnson Riveiro

To considerable disdain and suspicion, the 44-year-old Spaniard’s appointment as the Buccaneers’ new coach was made public last weekend.

The Premier Soccer League’s chairman, Khoza, had some strong words for people who criticized Riveiro for being a plumber.

Those who laughed at the pick of little-known Spanish coach Jose Riveiro received harsh remarks from the chairman.

The 44-year-old Riveiro was introduced last weekend to cries of disapproval, with certain South African football circles calling him a “plumber,” the derogatory term used to characterize foreign managers who don’t have a significant media presence.

Orlando Pirates Chairman Irvin Khoza Responds, Khoza said

“I am humbled because one social media activist in the Twittersphere did not take to rhetoric to talk about a plumber because that is insulting and demeaning. He spoke to journalists from the (coach’s home) country and he did not come back with words such as a plumber.

Orlando Pirates Chairman Irvin Khoza Responds
Orlando Pirates Chairman Irvin Khoza Responds

According to IOL, Leroy Maluka, a former player in Finland, where Riveiro was recruited, advised him to block out the distractions and focus on his work.

Maluka said

“He’s a very good coach. I think he is someone who is going to bring a lot to South African football but as to what style he prefers I will leave that to him to talk about. I enjoyed working with him in Finland and I know the two guys he is bringing with him as staff very well,”

Orlando Pirates supporters have a lot to be pleased about in regards to their team’s new coach Jose Riveiro based on what has been mentioned about his teaching approach.

Sports Brief said that his declaration was welcomed with skepticism and hesitation due of his lack of notoriety despite having coached FC Inter Turku in the Finnish division.

In terms of tactics and configuration, Finnish football journalist Mikko Knuuttila said that Pirates would resemble Manchester City.

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