Orodha ya Matajiri Afrika 2022

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Orodha ya Matajiri Afrika 2022: The continent’s billionaires earned a total of $84.9 billion, which is 15 percent more than their wealth in the past 12 months and that is the biggest increase since 2014 when there were 28 billionaires according to Forbes magazine.

Rising stock prices from Nigeria to Zimbabwe boosted the fortunes of these traders due to increased demand for concrete to recreational goods. Forbes magazine used stock prices and currency exchange rates as of January 19, 2022 to measure their wealth.

South Africa and Egypt are the countries with the most billionaires – both countries with five billionaires each followed by Nigeria with three billionaires.

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In the List, billionaire Aliko Dangote led once again in Africa with a wealth worth $13.9b. The fortune of Africa’s richest man increased from $12.1 billion last year to about $13.9 billion according to Forbes magazine.

Forbes has said that the fall is due to the increase in the share price of Dangote’s cement company, which is his most valuable asset. In second place is the South African billionaire Johann Rupert who rose from fourth place last year.

His 60 percent stake in his watchmaker Cartier watches and Montblanc increased his wealth to $11 billion from $7.2 billion a year ago, making him the top-earning businessman on the list.

South African businessman Nick Oppenheimer, who was the owner of the DeBeers diamond mining company before selling it to Anglo American a decade ago, took third place with a fortune worth $8.7 billion Orodha ya Matajiri Afrika 2022.

The billionaire who gained the most by percentage was Zimbabwe’s Strive Masiyiwa who rose 125 percent. His wealth rose from $1.2 billion to $2.7 billion last year.

His shares in Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, which he founded, rose by 750% in the past year, helping him increase the value of his wealth.

Nigerian businessman Abdulsamad Rabiu, has increased his wealth by $1.5 billion after announcing his company’s shares to the public.

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In early January 2022, Rabiu listed the shares of his food company BUA Foods on the Nigerian stock market. He and his son continued to own 96 percent of the company’s shares Orodha ya Matajiri Afrika 2022.

Orodha ya Matajiri Afrika 2022 na thamani yao

1.Aliko Dangote $13.9b

2.Johann Rupert & family $11b

3.Nicky Oppenheimer & family$8.7b

4.Nassef Sawiris $8.6b

5.Abdulsamad Rabiu $7B

6.Mike Adenuga $6.7b

7.Issad Rebrab & family $5.1b

8.Naguib Sawiris $3.4b

9.Patrice Motsepe $3.1b

10.Koos Bekker $2.7b

11.Strive Masiyiwa $2.7b

12.Mohamed Mansour $2.5b

13.Aziz Akhannouch & family $2.2b

14.Michiel Le Roux $1.7b

15.Othman Benjelloun & family $1.5b

16.Mohammed Dewji$1.5b

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