Oxford United Salaries 2022

Oxford United Salaries 2022

Do you want to know what Oxford United Salaries 2022? Who will make the most money in Oxford United Salaries in 2022? With Oxford United Salaries 2022, how much do Oxford United players make? Have you ever wondered which Oxford United players would receive the highest salaries in 2022? If so, don’t worry; we have a complete list of Oxford United Salaries 2022 ready for you.

The third level of English football is now home to this team, Oxford United Football Club.

Their supporters have never witnessed them competing at the Premier League’s highest level. Although the club was established in 1893, it took a long time for it to reach Football League standards.

They go by the names The Oxford or just Yellows.

Since the Oxford’s founding, they have played in a number different venues. Since 1925, they have been using Kassam as their home stadium after finding it and relocating there. The stadium has a seating capacity of more than 12,000 people.

Salaries at Oxford United in 2022
The team’s home uniform consists of navy stockings and shorts with a yellow stripe.

In the middle of the 1980s, Oxford won the League Cup. Being demoted from the Football League while also winning a major prize makes them a historic squad.

Rivalries and Oxford United FC supporters
The Oxford are well-liked in the Oxfordshire regions in the south-east of England.

Swindon Town is viewed as a bitter adversary by Oxford supporters. They have an intense rivalry with Reading as well.

Oxford United Salaries 2022 (Player Contracts)

2022 Oxford United salaries Oxford United Salaries in League One in 2022? How much do footballers in League One make at Oxford United in 2022? Who will be making the most Oxford United Salaries 2022? Who at Oxford United makes the most money for Oxford United Salaries 2022?

Oxford United Salaries 2022
Oxford United Salaries 2022


Although the Yellows withhold their pay information, it is probable that players like Tony McMahon and Luke Garbutt are making the most money at Oxford United based on transfer market value, which is noted in the table below.

According to Footy.com, Oxford United players make an average of £2,588 a week.

Oxford United Salaries 2022 (Weekly Wage)

Like the majority of other football teams, the Yellows do not disclose their salary structure. However, a lot of journalists frequently leak correct information about Premier League teams’ pay bills. But there is very little information available on player salaries for Championship and League One teams. But in this section, we examine the projected Oxford United salaries for 2022.

We can let you know that League One player salaries average roughly £2,000 per week. However, estimates claim that an Oxford United player has an average weekly salary of roughly £2,588. Here are the Oxford United Salaries 2022 and Contract Information.

Oxford United Salaries 2022

#PlayerMarket value
1Simon Eastwood200 Th. €
13Jack Stevens50 Th. €
5Elliott Moore900 Th. €
15John Mousinho250 Th. €
22Charlie Raglan100 Th. €
35Sam Allardyce
4Robert Dickie
3Josh Ruffels200 Th. €
33Kevin Berkoe500 Th. €
12Sam Long50 Th. €
20Jamie Hanson200 Th. €
16Shandon Baptiste
18Mark Sykes350 Th. €
2Chris Cadden700 Th. €
8Cameron Brannagan250 Th. €
14Anthony Forde350 Th. €
19Jamie Mackie1,00 Mill. €
21Malachi Napa
17James Henry500 Th. €
7Rob Hall400 Th. €
10Ben Woodburn5.00 Mill. €
Matty Taylor750 Th. €
23Dan Agyei100 Th. €

Oxford United Salaries 2022

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