Paisha for Drivers and Providers

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Paisha for Drivers and Providers One app handles all services. You may now access more than 60 on-demand services with only a few taps. Connect with neighboring Service Providers and Drivers to receive immediate services at your home.

This app will take care of all your needs, whether you need a taxi, to send flowers or cakes to a loved one, or if you need a handyman. You may utilize the services with some of the most useful features, like Multi Service Bookings, Wallet Payment, and Book Now/Later, to mention a few.

Paisha for Drivers and Providers

Register OR Log In

Paisha for Drivers and Providers Use your social networking login information, or your name, phone number, and email address, to log into the app.

Choose service

Select the service you want to use, then reserve it by making a payment using a method like cash, mobile money, or a wallet.

Track Your Job

The users may follow the delivery provider or service provider in real-time in graphical icon form via in-app alerts as soon as you book a cab, service, or delivery order.

It’s Done!

When the journey or task is over, the user is informed. After the order or transportation request has been completed, the app requests reviews and ratings for the driver, service provider, and retailer.

Paisha for Drivers and Providers
Paisha for Drivers and Providers

Paisha for Drivers and Providers We recognize the challenges you have when trying to remember so many different passwords for so many different apps. In order to make this simple, we offer you the paisha, which combines main services like transportation, delivery, and beauty and massage into one.

How to Use Paisha

Paisha is really simple to use and manage. More than 60 services, including trips, delivery, and on-demand services, are available here in one location. This is how this kind software functions.

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