Pesa Anayochukua Mshindi Wa AFCON

Pesa Anayochukua Mshindi Wa AFCON/AFCON Winners Prize Money/Thamani ya kombe la afcon 2022

Pesa Anayochukua Mshindi Wa AFCON, Thamani ya kombe la AFCON, Senegal won the Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) for the first time after Sadio Mané converted the game’s last penalty kick against Egypt in Cameroon’s Olembe stadium, setting off scenes of jubilant celebration on the country’s streets Thamani ya kombe la afcon 2022.

Senegal have Pesa Anayochukua Mshindi Wa AFCON/Thamani ya kombe la AFCON enters the best soccer teams of the continent after overcoming the demons and pain of losing two finals in 2002 and 2019.

Senegal and the other 23 teams who participated in Cameroon, however, also hoped to get financial compensation for their efforts in addition to the reputation of winning the most prestigious international soccer championship in Africa.

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) recently reviewed the prize money, and as a result, the champions of this year’s Afcon will receive $500,000 more than they did last year.

The Pesa Anayochukua Mshindi Wa AFCON 2021/Thamani ya kombe la AFCON was higher.

After CAF permitted eight additional teams at the previous edition in 2019, this year’s Afcon—which was rescheduled from 2021 owing to the impact of the covid-19 outbreak on Cameroon’s capacity to manage it—was attended by 24 teams.

The prize money was reviewed as a result of this adjustment to the biannual competition. In 2019, Senegal finished second and won $2.5 million, while champion Algeria received $4.5 million.

At its executive meeting on January 7, the CAF agreed to raise these monetary awards even higher. Senegal will win $5 million, while Egypt will receive $2.75 million as second place. The six more clubs who advanced to the quarterfinal round also see boosts. As in previous years, clubs eliminated before the quarterfinals will not be compensated financially by CAF.

The lack of prize money for African soccer.

The cash prizes for this year’s Afcon were increased by a total of $1.85 million. On the one hand, CAF deserves kudos for raising the amount of funding at each of the last three Afcons. Many African athletes quit their club teams in Europe in the middle of the season to compete in Afcon.

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The star striker from Egypt, Mohamed Salah, makes £200,000 ($272,000) a week at Liverpool and is reportedly discussing a new contract to potentially treble that amount of Pesa Anayochukua Mshindi Wa AFCON/Thamani ya kombe la afcon 2022.

Players don’t only participate in the competition for the money. However, raising the prize money at Afcon communicates to players, national soccer federations, and the wider athletic community that Africa takes its game seriously.

However, the continent of Africa’s premier soccer match, which unites a billion people, lags behind comparable international championships.

The European Football Association (UEFA) awarded winners of the 2021 European Championships, Italy, €10,000,000 and runners-up, England, €7,000,000 (these amounts do not include financial prizes for winning matches before to the final) on Pesa Anayochukua Mshindi Wa AFCON.

In South America’s similar competition, the Copa America, the winning team receives $6.5 million, while the runner-up receives $3.5 million.

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