Player Who Flopped After Moving to a Top Club

Player Who Flopped After Moving to a Top Club

Following their transfer to a bigger club that Player Who Flopped After Moving to a Top Club, these players were unable to live up to the expectations. Transfers have remained mysterious despite the likelihood of a major failure being reduced by contemporary scouting tactics.

After accepting a new challenge, some players have distinguished themselves, but there are still some cases on the other side of things. Even clubs with enormous spending power have occasionally struggled to acquire the desired results from their expensive acquisitions. After joining elite clubs, many talented footballers have failed and watched as their careers declined.

Player Who Flopped After Moving to a Top Club

Timo Werner to Chelsea

Timo Werner is among of the Player Who Flopped After Moving to a Top Club led the charge as the starter and main goal scorer for RB Leipzig before relocating to England in the summer of 2020. The German joined forces with fellow nation Kai Havertz, who emerged from the Bundesliga. After the transfer embargo, Chelsea anticipated using the two Germans to bolster their assault under Frank Lampard.

Shinji Kagawa to Manchester United

The world anticipated Shinji Kagawa’s time at Manchester United would be comparable to that of another Asian Player Who Flopped After Moving to a Top Club, Park Ji-Sung. The offensive midfielder’s performance at Old Trafford, though, made matters worse. He had a hard time standing out and eventually quit the organization.

Kagawa, who established a reputation as an industrious and goal-scoring midfielder at Borussia Dortmund, was added to the United squad to help provide a creative outlet.

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Alex Song to Barcelona

After signing Alex Song in 2012 to be Player Who Flopped After Moving to a Top Club, Barcelona’s search for a defensive midfielder, ideally to challenge Sergio Busquets, came to an end. Despite fierce opposition from the Arsenal bench, Song made his way to the Camp Nou with the intention of staying at the top of his game and possibly leaving his mark while wearing a Blaugrana jersey.

Despite such stellar performances, Song’s Barcelona career will be remembered as the worst. While injuries continued to prevent him from performing effectively, he did not make the most of the opportunities that he did have.

Andy Carroll to Liverpool

When Liverpool paid 42 million euros to get Andy Carroll in 2011, they broke their bank. Carroll is the Player Who Flopped After Moving to a Top Club was making waves at Newcastle United at the time with his excellent goal-scoring performance. He was seen as the future of England. For Carroll, it was more complicated than that.

Things did not go well for Carroll and Liverpool over the ensuing term. Carroll joined Wes Ham for a lower price after scoring just 11 goals in 58 games for Liverpool. Although he briefly rose to fame in the English Premier League, the effects of his time at Liverpool lingered, and in the summer of 2021, he was without a club.

Donny van de Beek to Manchester United

When Donny van de Beek moved to Old Trafford became the among of the Player Who Flopped After Moving to a Top Club, Ajax CEO Edwin van der Sar sent an open letter to his old team with the message, “Take good care of him.” What was previously thought to be among the most thrilling moves is now beginning to resemble a lengthy wait.

The 24-year-old has only made 48 appearances, with the most of them coming off the bench, and hasn’t had the opportunity to make an appearance frequently. Van de Beek, a gifted center midfielder for Ajax, played in the young squad that advanced to the 2018–19 Champions League semifinals.

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Kaka to Real Madrid

Real Madrid began a path similar to that of the Galacticos in 2009 when they stunned everyone by adding players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Xabi Alonso, and Kaka within the same transfer window. Unluckily for Real Madrid, previous Ballon d’Or winner Kaka was the first of these to lose a card in Player Who Flopped After Moving to a Top Club.

The Brazilian, who came from AC Milan, was the signing with the most awards. Kaka, however, never found a place to call home and lacked the opportunity to make an impact.

Fernando Torres to Chelsea

When he first began to score goals for Spain and Liverpool, Fernando Torres was a hot prospect. The former striker and current Atletico Madrid youth coach was renowned for his ability to score goals and be incisive in front of the box. Because of this talent, Roman Abramovich paid 50 million to entice him to Chelsea in 2011 but he is the among of the Player Who Flopped After Moving to a Top Club.

But for the Spaniard, it poured cats and dogs throughout his five years at Chelsea. Torres ended up scoring fewer goals and producing less overall while playing in more games for Chelsea than Liverpool.

Eden Hazard to Real Madrid

The night Chelsea overcame Arsenal to win the Europa League, Eden Hazard’s decision to depart Stamford Bridge partly overshadowed the victory. The majority of people believed the Belgian would excel in Spain’s capital after making the switch to Real Madrid but it among of the Player Who Flopped After Moving to a Top Club.

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