Players Who Flopped in Premier League

Players Who Flopped in Premier League

This is the list of the Players Who Flopped in Premier League, English football supporters frequently write off players who don’t perform well in the Premier League, yet many have gone on to demonstrate their talent in other parts of Europe.

The Premier League is regarded by many as the toughest league to play in, and many players with illustrious reputations have transferred here only to suffer. For English fans to witness some of them at their best, some of them just made the switch too late.

But other players have been released by Premier League teams while they were young or even in their purported peak years owing to being allegedly unworthy, only to go and significantly outperform themselves somewhere else.

Players Who Flopped in Premier League

Iago Aspas

Conversely, if you bring about Aspas is Players Who Flopped in Premier League at Anfield, every supporter is sure to bring up “that corner” in response. But he’s definitely over the shame of it now.

Aspas, who was already a hero at Celta Vigo for the goals he scored during his previous stint at the club that saved them from extinction, returned to Galicia in 2015 and has scored 129 goals in his subsequent 254 games.

He even earned full Spain international status in 2016, making his debut at Wembley with a goal against England.

Jerome Boateng

After just one season and 24 appearances in England this Players Who Flopped in Premier League, City enabled Boateng to sign a £15 million transfer price with Bayern Munich in the summer of 2011.

While Boateng gained a reputation as one of the finest defenders in the world of football, City went on to spend enormous sums of money on players like Eliaquim Mangala, even if they finally did discover some decent center backs.

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Memphis Depay

When Memphis joined Manchester United in 2015, there were high expectations, but Louis van Gaal foresaw the winger’s lackluster debut campaign at Old Trafford but his among of the Players Who Flopped in Premier League.

Soon after the deal was made public, Van Gaal stated in his United programme notes, “The aim is to help him develop as a player, but we must all be patient.”

It will take him some time to properly adjust to the pace and harsh character of football in this nation since the Premier League is significantly different from other leagues.


When Barcelona revealed in 2017 that former Tottenham midfielder Paulinho would be joining them for €40 million from Guangzhou Evergrande, many eyes were raised. Paulinho is among of the Players Who Flopped in Premier League, had a strong reputation when he came at White Hart Lane in 2013, but he fell short of expectations and was eventually sent away two years later at a loss.

The Brazilian, though, made an impression in China, scored a bloody fantastic hat-trick against Uruguay for Brazil in 2017, and played regularly in his debut season with Barcelona.

Even Ronaldinho gave him accolades, saying that because of the superb job he did at Corinthians, “everyone in Brazil already knew [what he could accomplish]. He was really distinctive. He is once again demonstrating his qualities, which everyone is aware of.

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Angel Di Maria

The £60 million signing of Di Maria to Manchester United in 2014 was seen as a major coup but is the Players Who Flopped in Premier League, but it soon became clear that it would not be successful. Injury issues and his home being broken into surely did not help Di Maria adjust well to English football. The Argentine international’s talent, though, was never in question, and he has once again thrived at PSG.

Radamel Falcao

Speaking of athletes who performed poorly for Manchester United when playing in Spain yet went on to win the Ligue 1 after leaving. At his best, Falcao was one of the most deadly attackers in the world, scoring goals for Porto and Atletico Madrid before suffering an ACL injury at Monaco.

He played two years in the Premier League on loan after his recovery, first with United and then with Chelsea. In 36 league games over the course of two seasons, he scored five goals.

Falcao is among of the Players Who Flopped in Premier League, though, was one of the veteran players on a brilliant young squad that defeated France and advanced to the Champions League quarterfinals after returning to France, and he quickly returned to something close to his peak.

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