Primeira Liga Fixtures 2022/23 Liga Portugal

Primeira Liga Fixtures 2022/2023 Liga Portugal Table, Results, Stats and Fixtures, Portugal Premier League 2022/2023, Portugal Taça da Liga 2022/2023 fixtures and calendar

Primeira Liga Fixtures 2022/23 Liga Portugal

Portuguese league fixtures 2022/23 start date

1. Round
05/08/202220:15SL BenficaFC Arouca
06/08/202215:30Rio Ave FCFC Vizela
18:00GD EstorilFC Famalicão
20:30FC PortoCS Marítimo
07/08/202215:30CD Santa ClaraCasa Pia AC
18:00Sporting BragaSporting CP
20:30Portimonense SCBoavista
20:30GD ChavesVitória Guimarães
08/08/202220:15Gil VicentePaços de Ferreira
2. Round
12/08/202220:15FC FamalicãoSporting Braga
13/08/202218:00Casa Pia ACSL Benfica
20:30Sporting CPRio Ave FC
14/08/202215:30BoavistaCD Santa Clara
18:00FC VizelaFC Porto
20:30Vitória GuimarãesGD Estoril
15/08/202215:30CS MarítimoGD Chaves
18:00FC AroucaGil Vicente
20:30Paços de FerreiraPortimonense SC
3. Round
19/08/202220:15GD EstorilRio Ave FC
20/08/202215:30CD Santa ClaraFC Arouca
18:00GD ChavesFC Vizela
20:30FC PortoSporting CP
21/08/202215:30Casa Pia ACBoavista
18:00Sporting BragaCS Marítimo
20:30Portimonense SCVitória Guimarães
22/08/202220:15Gil VicenteFC Famalicão
30/08/202220:15SL BenficaPaços de Ferreira
4. Round
26/08/202220:15Paços de FerreiraGD Estoril
27/08/202215:30CS MarítimoPortimonense SC
18:00BoavistaSL Benfica
20:30Sporting CPGD Chaves
28/08/202215:30FC FamalicãoCD Santa Clara
18:00FC AroucaSporting Braga
20:30Rio Ave FCFC Porto
29/08/202219:00Vitória GuimarãesCasa Pia AC
21:15FC VizelaGil Vicente
5. Round
02/09/202219:00SL BenficaFC Vizela
21:15GD EstorilSporting CP
03/09/202215:30Sporting BragaVitória Guimarães
20:30Gil VicenteFC Porto
04/09/202215:30Casa Pia ACFC Arouca
18:00CD Santa ClaraCS Marítimo
20:30Portimonense SCFC Famalicão
05/09/202219:00BoavistaPaços de Ferreira
21:15GD ChavesRio Ave FC
6. Round
09/09/202220:15Vitória GuimarãesCD Santa Clara
10/09/202215:30FC FamalicãoSL Benfica
18:00Sporting CPPortimonense SC
20:30FC PortoGD Chaves
11/09/202215:30Paços de FerreiraCasa Pia AC
18:00FC AroucaBoavista
18:00CS MarítimoGil Vicente
20:30Rio Ave FCSporting Braga
12/09/202220:15FC VizelaGD Estoril
7. Round
16/09/202220:15Portimonense SCGD Chaves
17/09/202215:30CD Santa ClaraPaços de Ferreira
15:30Gil VicenteRio Ave FC
18:00GD EstorilFC Porto
20:30BoavistaSporting CP
18/09/202215:30FC AroucaVitória Guimarães
18:00SL BenficaCS Marítimo
18:00Casa Pia ACFC Famalicão
20:30Sporting BragaFC Vizela
8. Round
30/09/202219:00Sporting CPGil Vicente
21:15FC PortoSporting Braga
01/10/202215:30FC VizelaPortimonense SC
18:00GD ChavesGD Estoril
20:30Vitória GuimarãesSL Benfica
02/10/202215:30Rio Ave FCCD Santa Clara
18:00Paços de FerreiraFC Arouca
20:30FC FamalicãoBoavista
03/10/202220:15CS MarítimoCasa Pia AC
9. Round
07/10/202220:15Gil VicenteGD Estoril
08/10/202215:30CD Santa ClaraSporting CP
18:00SL BenficaRio Ave FC
18:00Portimonense SCFC Porto
20:30Paços de FerreiraVitória Guimarães
09/10/202215:30BoavistaCS Marítimo
18:00Casa Pia ACFC Vizela
20:30Sporting BragaGD Chaves
10/10/202220:15FC AroucaFC Famalicão
10. Round
21/10/202220:15FC PortoSL Benfica
22/10/202215:30FC FamalicãoPaços de Ferreira
18:00GD EstorilSporting Braga
20:30Sporting CPCasa Pia AC
23/10/202215:30FC VizelaCD Santa Clara
15:30CS MarítimoFC Arouca
18:00GD ChavesGil Vicente
20:30Vitória GuimarãesBoavista
24/10/202220:15Rio Ave FCPortimonense SC
11. Round
28/10/202220:15Paços de FerreiraCS Marítimo
29/10/202215:30CD Santa ClaraFC Porto
18:00SL BenficaGD Chaves
20:30FC AroucaSporting CP
30/10/202215:30BoavistaFC Vizela
15:30Portimonense SCGD Estoril
18:00Casa Pia ACRio Ave FC
20:30Gil VicenteSporting Braga
31/10/202220:15Vitória GuimarãesFC Famalicão
12. Round
06/11/2022FC PortoPaços de Ferreira
Rio Ave FCBoavista
FC VizelaFC Arouca
GD ChavesCD Santa Clara
GD EstorilSL Benfica
Gil VicentePortimonense SC
CS MarítimoFC Famalicão
Sporting BragaCasa Pia AC
Sporting CPVitória Guimarães
13. Round
13/11/2022SL BenficaGil Vicente
BoavistaFC Porto
Casa Pia ACGD Chaves
CD Santa ClaraGD Estoril
FC AroucaRio Ave FC
FC FamalicãoSporting CP
Paços de FerreiraFC Vizela
Portimonense SCSporting Braga
Vitória GuimarãesCS Marítimo
14. Round
28/12/2022FC PortoFC Arouca
Rio Ave FCCS Marítimo
FC VizelaVitória Guimarães
GD ChavesFC Famalicão
GD EstorilBoavista
Gil VicenteCD Santa Clara
Portimonense SCCasa Pia AC
Sporting BragaSL Benfica
Sporting CPPaços de Ferreira
15. Round
08/01/2023SL BenficaPortimonense SC
BoavistaGil Vicente
Casa Pia ACFC Porto
CD Santa ClaraSporting Braga
FC AroucaGD Estoril
FC FamalicãoFC Vizela
CS MarítimoSporting CP
Paços de FerreiraGD Chaves
Vitória GuimarãesRio Ave FC
16. Round
15/01/2023SL BenficaSporting CP
FC PortoFC Famalicão
Rio Ave FCPaços de Ferreira
FC VizelaCS Marítimo
GD ChavesFC Arouca
GD EstorilCasa Pia AC
Gil VicenteVitória Guimarães
Portimonense SCCD Santa Clara
Sporting BragaBoavista
17. Round
22/01/2023BoavistaGD Chaves
Casa Pia ACGil Vicente
CD Santa ClaraSL Benfica
FC AroucaPortimonense SC
FC FamalicãoRio Ave FC
CS MarítimoGD Estoril
Paços de FerreiraSporting Braga
Sporting CPFC Vizela
Vitória GuimarãesFC Porto

Primeira Liga Fixtures 2022/23 Liga Portugal As of 2021, the Primeira Liga, which has improved its standing in recent years, is ranked sixth among all national leagues by UEFA.

Primeira Liga Fixtures 2022/23 Liga Portugal For the first time since 1990, it surpassed the French Ligue 1, one of the storied “big five” European leagues, to enter the top five during the 2011–12 season. A fourth-place finish in the world was also achieved by the Primeira Liga in the 2011 IFFHS rankings.

18. Round
29/01/2023BoavistaPortimonense SC
Casa Pia ACCD Santa Clara
FC AroucaSL Benfica
FC FamalicãoGD Estoril
FC VizelaRio Ave FC
CS MarítimoFC Porto
Paços de FerreiraGil Vicente
Sporting CPSporting Braga
Vitória GuimarãesGD Chaves
19. Round
05/02/2023SL BenficaCasa Pia AC
CD Santa ClaraBoavista
FC PortoFC Vizela
Rio Ave FCSporting CP
GD ChavesCS Marítimo
GD EstorilVitória Guimarães
Gil VicenteFC Arouca
Portimonense SCPaços de Ferreira
Sporting BragaFC Famalicão
20. Round
12/02/2023BoavistaCasa Pia AC
FC AroucaCD Santa Clara
FC FamalicãoGil Vicente
Rio Ave FCGD Estoril
FC VizelaGD Chaves
CS MarítimoSporting Braga
Paços de FerreiraSL Benfica
Sporting CPFC Porto
Vitória GuimarãesPortimonense SC
21. Round
19/02/2023SL BenficaBoavista
Casa Pia ACVitória Guimarães
CD Santa ClaraFC Famalicão
FC PortoRio Ave FC
GD ChavesSporting CP
GD EstorilPaços de Ferreira
Gil VicenteFC Vizela
Portimonense SCCS Marítimo
Sporting BragaFC Arouca
22. Round
26/02/2023FC AroucaCasa Pia AC
FC FamalicãoPortimonense SC
FC PortoGil Vicente
Rio Ave FCGD Chaves
FC VizelaSL Benfica
CS MarítimoCD Santa Clara
Paços de FerreiraBoavista
Sporting CPGD Estoril
Vitória GuimarãesSporting Braga
23. Round
05/03/2023SL BenficaFC Famalicão
BoavistaFC Arouca
Casa Pia ACPaços de Ferreira
CD Santa ClaraVitória Guimarães
GD ChavesFC Porto
GD EstorilFC Vizela
Gil VicenteCS Marítimo
Portimonense SCSporting CP
Sporting BragaRio Ave FC
24. Round
12/03/2023FC FamalicãoCasa Pia AC
FC PortoGD Estoril
Rio Ave FCGil Vicente
FC VizelaSporting Braga
GD ChavesPortimonense SC
CS MarítimoSL Benfica
Paços de FerreiraCD Santa Clara
Sporting CPBoavista
Vitória GuimarãesFC Arouca
25. Round
19/03/2023SL BenficaVitória Guimarães
BoavistaFC Famalicão
Casa Pia ACCS Marítimo
CD Santa ClaraRio Ave FC
FC AroucaPaços de Ferreira
GD EstorilGD Chaves
Gil VicenteSporting CP
Portimonense SCFC Vizela
Sporting BragaFC Porto
26. Round
02/04/2023FC FamalicãoFC Arouca
FC PortoPortimonense SC
Rio Ave FCSL Benfica
FC VizelaCasa Pia AC
GD ChavesSporting Braga
GD EstorilGil Vicente
CS MarítimoBoavista
Sporting CPCD Santa Clara
Vitória GuimarãesPaços de Ferreira
27. Round
08/04/2023SL BenficaFC Porto
BoavistaVitória Guimarães
Casa Pia ACSporting CP
CD Santa ClaraFC Vizela
FC AroucaCS Marítimo
Gil VicenteGD Chaves
Paços de FerreiraFC Famalicão
Portimonense SCRio Ave FC
Sporting BragaGD Estoril
28. Round
16/04/2023FC FamalicãoVitória Guimarães
FC PortoCD Santa Clara
Rio Ave FCCasa Pia AC
FC VizelaBoavista
GD ChavesSL Benfica
GD EstorilPortimonense SC
CS MarítimoPaços de Ferreira
Sporting BragaGil Vicente
Sporting CPFC Arouca
29. Round
23/04/2023SL BenficaGD Estoril
BoavistaRio Ave FC
Casa Pia ACSporting Braga
CD Santa ClaraGD Chaves
FC AroucaFC Vizela
FC FamalicãoCS Marítimo
Paços de FerreiraFC Porto
Portimonense SCGil Vicente
Vitória GuimarãesSporting CP
30. Round
30/04/2023FC PortoBoavista
Rio Ave FCFC Arouca
FC VizelaPaços de Ferreira
GD ChavesCasa Pia AC
GD EstorilCD Santa Clara
Gil VicenteSL Benfica
CS MarítimoVitória Guimarães
Sporting BragaPortimonense SC
Sporting CPFC Famalicão
31. Round
07/05/2023SL BenficaSporting Braga
BoavistaGD Estoril
Casa Pia ACPortimonense SC
CD Santa ClaraGil Vicente
FC AroucaFC Porto
FC FamalicãoGD Chaves
CS MarítimoRio Ave FC
Paços de FerreiraSporting CP
Vitória GuimarãesFC Vizela
32. Round
14/05/2023FC PortoCasa Pia AC
Rio Ave FCVitória Guimarães
FC VizelaFC Famalicão
GD ChavesPaços de Ferreira
GD EstorilFC Arouca
Gil VicenteBoavista
Portimonense SCSL Benfica
Sporting BragaCD Santa Clara
Sporting CPCS Marítimo
33. Round
21/05/2023BoavistaSporting Braga
Casa Pia ACGD Estoril
CD Santa ClaraPortimonense SC
FC AroucaGD Chaves
FC FamalicãoFC Porto
CS MarítimoFC Vizela
Paços de FerreiraRio Ave FC
Sporting CPSL Benfica
Vitória GuimarãesGil Vicente
34. Round
28/05/2023SL BenficaCD Santa Clara
FC PortoVitória Guimarães
Rio Ave FCFC Famalicão
FC VizelaSporting CP
GD ChavesBoavista
GD EstorilCS Marítimo
Gil VicenteCasa Pia AC
Portimonense SCFC Arouca
Sporting BragaPaços de Ferreira


Primeira Liga Fixtures 2022/23 Liga Portugal
Primeira Liga Fixtures 2022/23 Liga Portugal

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