PSG Most Expensive Transfers

PSG Most Expensive Transfers

In part as a result of PSG Most Expensive Transfers their massive transfer expenditures, Paris Saint-Germain have made a name for themselves in Europe during the past ten years.

Although other teams have spent more over the past ten years than the Parisians, they have gained notoriety owing to some very extravagant agreements.

Even if they haven’t yet helped them win the Champions League, the Parc des Princes team, who have emerged as the best in French football over the past ten years, still has their sights set on that prize.

PSG Most Expensive Transfers

Neymar – €222m

The transfer that caused such a stir for PSG Most Expensive Transfers. Nobody anticipated that Neymar would transfer to PSG for €222 million, after the Ligue 1 club met the Brazilian’s Barcelona contract’s minimum release clause.

PSG even showed off their resources by pledging to make the entire payment right away.

Despite having impressive raw stats with PSG (87 goals and 52 assists in just 116 games), Neymar’s unfortunate propensity for getting hurt during crucial points of the season has stopped the Brazilian from realizing his dream of winning the Champions League with the Parc des Princes team.

Kylian Mbappe – €180m

Mbappe first joined Paris Saint-Germain in 2017 on a loan from Monaco, but the agreement was written in such a way that it was really a transfer. Indeed, all PSG needed to do to ensure its continued existence and make Mbappe the most expensive kid ever was to escape relegation.

Mbappe has developed into a global sensation at PSG, where he was bought for an initial fee of €145 million plus bonuses. However, the future of his stay at PSG is unknown because of a 2022 contract.

His four years in Paris have only strengthened the case that he will succeed Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as the game’s next international superstar as PSG Most Expensive Transfers.

Edinson Cavani – €65m

Edinson Cavani is PSG Most Expensive Transfers, one of the most lethal attackers in Europe, was acquired by PSG in reaction to Monaco’s acquisition of Radamel Falcao from Atletico Madrid.

In Paris, Cavani’s ability to score goals was rarely completely used. He frequently played the right winger position as Ibrahimovic took center stage. Even though Cavani acknowledged that this was not ideal, he maintained a positive attitude throughout and scored well given the circumstances.

After Ibra left the team, he scored 49 goals in 50 games but was soon eclipsed by Neymar and Mbappe.

Angel Di Maria – €63m

Di Maria was a costly failure at Manchester United, and PSG pounced to take advantage of his discontent in the Premier League, signing as PSG Most Expensive Transfers him less than a year after he had been instrumental in Real Madrid’s Champions League victory.

In contrast to Man Utd, PSG was able to produce from Di Maria, and throughout the course of his time at the club, the Argentinean became one of their most dependable performers.

Di Maria, who is now 33, just agreed to a one-year contract extension and plans to continue the 264 games he has already played, which have resulted in 88 goals and 110 assists.

Achraf Hakimi – €60m

Despite the financial toll the epidemic had on the majority of their competitors, PSG persisted with high-profile additions throughout the summer transfer window, including the €60 million acquisition of right winger Achraf Hakimi from Inter. After incentives, the fee might total €71 million as PSG Most Expensive Transfers.

After a strong season on loan at Borussia Dortmund, the Moroccan defender moved to Serie A and was a key player in the Italian giants’ first league championship in over ten years.

As a result, Hakimi arrived in Paris as one of the most renowned and now most expensive defenders in European football.

Mauro Icardi – €50m

Icardi spent the 2019–20 season on loan, but PSG were persuaded by him to sign him in the middle of the transfer crisis for a sizable fee as PSG Most Expensive Transfers.

PSG has not received value for money from the forward, despite being able to negotiate a sizable discount on the anticipated sum of about €60 million.

He scores goals, yes, but he doesn’t provide the club with anything else when he isn’t scoring. In light of this, seven goals in 20 Ligue 1 games was insufficient, and PSG are already exploring their possibilities for dumping him.

David Luiz – €50m

PSG made a significant acquisition when they acquired David Luiz from Chelsea during the 2014 summer transfer window as PSG Most Expensive Transfers, although Brazil was still heavily involved in their home World Cup.

David Luiz, despite having a bad image, accomplished a lot of outstanding work at PSG, where he partnered in defense with Thiago Silva and Marquinhos, two international teammates.

He nonetheless failed to live up to his price tag, which at the time was a world record for a defender, and went back to Chelsea just two years later at a sizable discount.

PSG Most Expensive Transfers
PSG Most Expensive Transfers


Thiago Silva – €42m

PSG acquired two important players from Milan in the summer of 2012. One of them was Thiago Silva, while the other was Zlatan Ibrahimovic as PSG Most Expensive Transfers.

At the age of 27, the Brazilian was at the height of his abilities and, for some time at Parc des Princes, was perhaps the best center back in the world. Perhaps his one shortcoming was that he couldn’t perform at his peak during the biggest games.

After playing for PSG on more than 300 times, including their Champions League final loss to Bayern Munich in 2020, Thiago Silva established himself as a club icon. He is now receiving the accolades for his abilities with Chelsea.

Javier Pastore – €42m

It was a foreshadowing of things to come when PSG signed Javier Pastore against heavy competition from many of Europe’s top teams. After all, he was the QSI era’s first significant signing as PSG Most Expensive Transfers.

El Flaco spent seven years with PSG, where he won the fans’ loyalty despite never reaching his full potential in the international game.

Pastore might not have had the physical tools to properly establish himself as an exceptional player, but the Parisian audience greatly admired his poise in possession and his eye for a pass. Now that Roma is back in Italy.

Lucas Moura – €40m

When Lucas first came in Paris in January 2014, PSG had to fend off stiff competition from Manchester United. Lucas was something of a wonderkid at the time as PSG Most Expensive Transfers.

Arrived as an undeveloped attacking alternative, and as his career in France grew, he did it slowly but admirably.

When he moved to Tottenham in 2018, he was starting to display real talent in front of goal and provided a decisive wide attacking option. He appears to have regressed since joining the Premier League, though.

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