Qatar 2022 World Cup Rules for Fans and Visitors?

Qatar 2022 World Cup Rules for Fans and Visitors?, More than a million World Cup fans are preparing to travel to the Gulf to watch the month-long World Cup in Qatar from November.

This will be the first time that a World Cup has been hosted in the Middle East, and Qatar has spent $200 billion on infrastructure projects to prepare for the event.

Qatar 2022 World Cup Rules for Fans and Visitors? The World Cup is also expected to bring in another $200 billion into Qatar’s economy and create 1 million jobs during construction and afterward.

As the first World Cup to be held in the Middle East, social norms and religious practices may be different from those witnessed in some past tournaments. Qatar 2022 World Cup Rules for Fans and Visitors? However, there has been much criticism of the host country, as there are various ways in which Qatar does not respect human rights.

Qatar 2022 World Cup Rules for Fans and Visitors?

Fan Parties

When the opening match begins in Doha, Al Bidda Park, in the heart of the city near the Corniche, will be a gathering place for fans throughout the tournament.

The matches will also be shown at other fan sites, on the island of North Qetaifan, where a beach festival with concerts, activities, food and drink stalls is planned, on the island of Al Maha in Lusail, and at the Al Maha Arena, which will host the festival live. . .

Those who have booked accommodation in the official fan villages on the outskirts of Doha can visit the Fan Village Free Zone, where matches will be broadcast live.

Free travel on the Doha metro system is provided, with access provided by the Hayya card that accompanies the World Cup match ticket. The eight stadiums with 64 seats are located within an hour’s drive from central Doha.


Alcohol is sold in licensed restaurants and hotels across the country, and will also be available in fan areas at times, organizers said.

Selling alcohol in fan areas can be cheaper than in hotels and may involve exchanging local currency for tokens that can be used to buy drinks.

It is forbidden to bring alcohol into the country. Only residents can buy alcohol at specialized stores for home use, so drinking outside of official areas will be prohibited for fans.

Electronic Cigarettes

Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health ordered a total ban on the sale of narcotics in 2014.

The customs department at Hamad International Airport was also advised not to allow electronic cigarettes into the country, with the same instructions observed at Qatar’s port and land borders.

Despite this, there is still a large community that regularly uses e-cigarettes with impunity, so there may be leniency in this regard. However, it will not be possible to legally purchase vape refills and related products while in Qatar.

Another rule is that women will not be allowed to wear low collars and their shoulders must be covered. In addition, your clothing will have to be knee-length pants or long dresses.

Qatar 2022 World Cup Rules for Fans and Visitors?
Qatar 2022 World Cup Rules for Fans and Visitors?

Another rule that visitors should remember is that love shows are not popular in the country, so fans will have to be careful during the fun. It should also be noted that sexual relations outside of marriage are punishable by seven years in prison.

Another controversial issue is the disapproval of same-sex relationships. Fans are warned not to wear anything in public that represents the LGBT community because doing so can be punished by up to five years in prison.

Finally, fans will not be allowed to drink alcohol in public places and will only be able to drink alcohol in certain areas. If they drink outside these areas, they will be fined 800 euros and risk arrest by the police.

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