Qatar Stars League 2022/2023 Fixtures, Results and Stats

Qatar Stars League 2022/2023 Fixtures, Results and Stats, QNB Stars League 2022/2023, Qatar Stars League 2022/2023 Table, Results, Stats.

Qatar Stars League دوري نجوم قطر, or the QSL, also called QNB Stars League for sponsorship reasons, is the top level football league in Qatar football league system.

Qatar Stars League 2022/2023 Fixtures, Results and Stats

1. Round
01/08/202215:35Al Markhiya SCAl Sadd4:3 (1:2)
17:45Umm-SalalAl Ahli Doha0:1 (0:0)
02/08/202215:35Al ArabiQatar SC2:0 (0:0)
17:45Al GharafaAl Sailiya2:1 (1:0)
03/08/202215:35Al Duhail SCAl Wakrah2:4 (1:1)
17:45Al RayyanAl Shamal SC0:1 (0:0)
2. Round
09/08/202215:30Umm-SalalAl Sadd1:1 (1:0)
17:40Qatar SCAl Markhiya SC1:1 (1:0)
10/08/202215:30Al GharafaAl Wakrah1:1 (1:0)
17:40Al SailiyaAl Shamal SC2:1 (1:1)
11/08/202215:30Al Ahli DohaAl Duhail SC1:1 (0:0)
17:40Al ArabiAl Rayyan2:1 (1:0)
3. Round
15/08/202215:25Al SailiyaQatar SC1:2 (0:1)
17:35Al WakrahUmm-Salal4:0 (3:0)
16/08/202215:25Al ArabiAl Markhiya SC2:0 (0:0)
17:35Al Duhail SCAl Rayyan2:1 (0:1)
17/08/202215:25Al SaddAl Ahli Doha3:2 (2:2)
17:35Al Shamal SCAl Gharafa2:1 (0:1)
4. Round
22/08/202215:20Al Markhiya SCAl Duhail SC0:1 (0:0)
17:30Qatar SCAl Wakrah0:3 (0:1)
23/08/202215:20Al RayyanAl Ahli Doha1:2 (0:1)
17:30Al SaddAl Gharafa1:2 (0:1)
24/08/202215:20Umm-SalalAl Sailiya-:-
17:30Al Shamal SCAl Arabi-:-
5. Round
29/08/202215:10Al WakrahAl Markhiya SC-:-
17:20Qatar SCAl Shamal SC-:-
30/08/202215:10Umm-SalalAl Rayyan-:-
17:20Al SailiyaAl Sadd-:-
31/08/202215:10Al Ahli DohaAl Gharafa-:-
17:20Al ArabiAl Duhail SC-:-
6. Round
06/09/202216:10Al SaddAl Shamal SC-:-
18:20Al SailiyaAl Arabi-:-
18:20Al GharafaUmm-Salal-:-
07/09/202216:10Al RayyanAl Markhiya SC-:-
18:20Al Ahli DohaAl Wakrah-:-
18:20Al Duhail SCQatar SC-:-
7. Round
13/09/202216:05Al Duhail SCAl Sailiya-:-
18:15Al GharafaAl Markhiya SC-:-
18:15Umm-SalalAl Arabi-:-
14/09/202216:05Al Shamal SCAl Ahli Doha-:-
18:15Qatar SCAl Rayyan-:-
18:15Al WakrahAl Sadd-:-

Qatar Stars League 2022/2023 Fixtures, Results and Stats It is contested by 12 clubs and uses the Qatari Second Division’s promotion and relegation system (QSD). The QSL typically has seasons from September until April.

Qatar Stars League 2022/2023 Fixtures, Results and Stats Although the league’s first official season didn’t start until 1972, it was really played in 1963. Al Sadd SC has 15 championships under its belt, making it the most successful club. Currently, there are 12 clubs in the league; one team was downgraded to make place for one club’s promotion.

Qatar Stars League 2022/2023 Fixtures, Results and Stats
Qatar Stars League 2022/2023 Fixtures, Results and Stats

These clubs are eligible to compete in four domestic cups offered by the Qatari league system: the Emir of Qatar Cup, which is open to all teams in the first and second divisions; the Qatar Crown Prince Cup, a postseason competition played by the top four first division teams; the Sheikh Jassem Cup, a preliminary to the first division regular season; and the Qatari Stars Cup, a round-robin competition played midseason. Since the league’s establishment, 8 clubs have claimed the championship.

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