Ratiba Ya Kombe La Shirikisho Afrika 2022/2023 Caf

Caf Confederation Cup 2022/23 Fixtures, Ratiba Ya Kombe La Shirikisho Afrika 2022/2023 : The TotalEnergies Confederation Cup is back on track following the preliminary round draw on Tuesday at CAF headquarters. The inaugural Confederation Cup matches promise to be exciting.

Ratiba Ya Kombe La Shirikisho Afrika 2022/2023 Caf The opening round will include a match between AS Douanes of Burkina Faso and AS Real Bamako of Mali. Another intriguing preliminary match pits Guinean team Milo FC against Togolese club ASCK.

Fourteen clubs were excluded from the first preliminary round and will compete in the second round, including incumbent champions RS Berkane from Morocco, past winners Hearts of Oak from Ghana, Algeria’s JS Saoura, and Pyramids from Egypt.

The first leg of the first preliminary round matchups will be contested from September 9 to 11, with the return matches set for a week later. The matches for the second round of qualifiers will begin in early October in Ratiba Ya Kombe La Shirikisho Afrika 2022/2023 Caf.

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Ratiba Ya Kombe La Shirikisho Afrika 2022/2023 Caf

  • Matchday 1: 12 February 2023
  • Matchday 2: 19 February 2023
  • Matchday 3: 26 February 2023
  • Matchday 4: 8 March 2023
  • Matchday 5: 19 March 2023
  • Matchday 6: 2 April 2023

Ratiba ya Kundi D Yanga SC CAF Confederation Cup 2022/23

Ratiba Ya Kombe La Shirikisho Afrika 2022/2023 Caf

Matchday 1: CAF Results

Sunday 12/02/2023
2:00USM Alger3 – 0Saint Eloi Lupopo
2:00Marumo Gallants4 – 1Al-Akhdar
2:00ASEC Mimosas0 – 0Motema Pembe
2:00Diables Noirs3 – 0Rivers United
2:00Pyramids2 – 2FAR Rabat
2:00ASKO de Kara1 – 1Future
2:00TP Mazembe3 – 1Réal Bamako
2:00Monastir2 – 0Young Africans

Matchday 2:

Sunday 19/02/2023
TBAAl-AkhdarvsUSM Alger
TBASaint Eloi LupopovsMarumo Gallants
TBARivers UnitedvsASEC Mimosas
TBAMotema PembevsDiables Noirs
TBAFAR RabatvsASKO de Kara
TBAYoung AfricansvsTP Mazembe
TBARéal BamakovsMonastir
Ratiba Ya Kombe La Shirikisho Afrika 2022/2023 Caf
Ratiba Ya Kombe La Shirikisho Afrika 2022/2023 Caf

Matchday 3:

Sunday 26/02/2023
TBASaint Eloi LupopovsAl-Akhdar
TBAUSM AlgervsMarumo Gallants
TBAMotema PembevsRivers United
TBAASEC MimosasvsDiables Noirs
TBAFAR RabatvsFuture
TBAPyramidsvsASKO de Kara
TBARéal BamakovsYoung Africans
TBATP MazembevsMonastir

Matchday 4:

Wednesday 08/03/2023
TBAAl-AkhdarvsSaint Eloi Lupopo
TBAMarumo GallantsvsUSM Alger
TBARivers UnitedvsMotema Pembe
TBADiables NoirsvsASEC Mimosas
TBAFuturevsFAR Rabat
TBAASKO de KaravsPyramids
TBAYoung AfricansvsRéal Bamako
TBAMonastirvsTP Mazembe

Matchday 5:

Sunday 19/03/2023
TBASaint Eloi LupopovsUSM Alger
TBAAl-AkhdarvsMarumo Gallants
TBAMotema PembevsASEC Mimosas
TBARivers UnitedvsDiables Noirs
TBAFAR RabatvsPyramids
TBAFuturevsASKO de Kara
TBARéal BamakovsTP Mazembe
TBAYoung AfricansvsMonastir

Matchday 6:

Sunday 02/04/2023
TBAUSM AlgervsAl-Akhdar
TBAMarumo GallantsvsSaint Eloi Lupopo
TBAASEC MimosasvsRivers United
TBADiables NoirsvsMotema Pembe
TBAASKO de KaravsFAR Rabat
TBATP MazembevsYoung Africans
TBAMonastirvsRéal Bamako

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