Ratiba ya Ndondo Cup 2022 Robo Fainali

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In the Dar es Salaam area, there is a street club competition known as the Ndondo Cup. The Dar es Salaam Region in particular will benefit from the competition, which is being organized by clouds media company.

Ratiba ya Ndondo Cup 2022 Robo Fainali

  1. Kauzu
  2. Wauza Matairi
  3. Toroli Kombaini
  4. Rajaa
  5. Sinza Stars
  6. Moro Warriors
  7. Madenge
  8. Keko Furniture

>>🏟Kutoka Uwanja wa Kinesi & Uwanja wa Bandari.
|⌚Kuanzia Agosti 14,Saa 10:00 Jioni.

Ratiba ya Ndondo Cup 2022 Robo Fainali
Ratiba ya Ndondo Cup 2022 Robo Fainali

NdondoCup2022 tournament is expected to start on May 10, 2022 for the preliminary stage. It’s good teams that have planned to participate in the Ndondo Cup 2022 and register early to be sure of their participation. All Ndondo Cup competitions [U15, U17 and Malkia Ndondo Cup] it will all go together. Malkia Ndondo Cup will start after the end of the Premier Women’s League [Serengeti Lite Women’s Premier League 2021|22]. – Daud Kanuti, Competition Secretary DRFA

hese are the groupings for the NdondoCup2022 preliminary round, which is set to begin on May 20, 2022, in a number of venues across Dar es Salaam City.

There are 16 groups, each of which will generate one team before identifying two more teams that will perform admirably in second place (best lose) in order to bring the total to 16 teams, which will then join the 16 teams awaiting the group stage.

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