Ratiba ya Simba vs Yanga 2022/2023 Derby

Kariakoo Derby leo na rekodi za kibabe, Ratiba ya Simba vs Yanga 2022/2023 Derby, Ratiba ya NBC Premier League 2022/2023, Ratiba ya Simba 2022/2023, Ratiba Ya Yanga 2022/2023.

Derby ya Kariakoo n derby ya tano yenye mvuto zaidi kuifuatilia africa. ukiachan na ahl vs zamaleck kaizer vs orlando wydad vs raja na huko tunisia kwa kna epsparance de tunis.

Towards that game, the records of four seasons already show that the two have matched each other in four games, Simba winning two games and Yanga winning two games. The winner of that game will then jump from a lack of strength and instead will have emerged with the victory of leadership and time within these four years in the Premier League games only.

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In addition to that record, the two met for the last time in the final game of the Jaimii Charity Shield on September 25, 2021 where Yanga won 1-0 with a goal scored by Fiston Mayele. Simba will probably miss Taddeo Lwanga who has recently recovered from his injuries while Yanga will continue to miss Yacouba Songne who is suffering from knee injuries after undergoing surgery in Tunisia.

Ratiba ya Simba vs Yanga 2022/2023 Derby

The two have met 106 times, Yanga winning 38 times, Simba 31 times and drawing 37 times.

Ratiba ya Simba vs Yanga 2022/2023 Derby
Ratiba ya Simba vs Yanga 2022/2023 Derby
Yanga 0-0 Simba
Simba 1-0 Yanga
Yanga 1-1 Simba
Simba 2-1 Yanga
Yanga 1-1 Simba
Simba 1-0 Yanga
Yanga 0-0 Simba
Simba 1-0 Yanga
Simba 1-0 yanga
Yanga 0-0 simba
Simba 2-2 yanga
Yanga 1-0 Simba
Simba 4 – 1 yanga
Yanga 1-1 simba
Simba 0-0 yanga
Yanga 1-0 Simba
> Simba win – 6
*Yanga win – 2*
*Draw – 7*
NB; miaka 6 Yanga ameshinda derby 1 tu
Ratiba ya Simba vs Yanga 2022/2023 Derby
Ratiba ya Simba vs Yanga 2022/2023 Derby

KARIAKOO DERBY/Ratiba ya Simba vs Yanga 2022/2023 Derby

It is a big match in our football, even if the teams differ in quality to a great extent, but the history of this match and the love of the fans of these teams have continued to make the game between them remain with its status until today.

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Ratiba ya Simba vs Yanga 2022/2023 Derby, These matches have become associated with superstitious beliefs because of the surprising results that have repeatedly appeared for a team that looks weak to get good results in front of a team that is growing at a great quality.

The truth is that the ranks of the players of these teams do not differ much because the types of their registrations do not compete with each other because they compete with the stars who are playing in the clubs that participate in our league, even the foreign ones,

Ratiba ya Simba vs Yanga 2022/2023 Derby their registrations are the same but the standards differ because of the times as we know the standards go up and down and this is where where there is a team that is given a chance to win and a team that seems to lose.

What causes a team that looks surprisingly weak on the day of the game is the history and the enthusiasm brought by the game itself leads the players to commit more to make up for what seems to be decreasing, because even the players know that at the moment our colleagues are better than us to fight them.

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We have to sacrifice more than our ability while the team that is given a chance plans the way to shut them down if they look at the shortcomings they can use to win in psychology, confidence is there, so the alertness decreases even if you tell him he should be careful, the mind tells him we have won the match, what is waiting is only time

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