Ratiba ya Singida Big Stars 2022/2023 NBC

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Ratiba ya Singida Big Stars 2022/2023 NBC Fixtures Singida Big Star will be the name of the OFFICIAL DTB Club, which will relocate from Dar to Singida. Singida Big Star’s CEO, Muhibu Kanu, has stated that everything is good and that the name change was made because of business and investment concerns.

Ratiba ya Singida Big Stars 2022/2023 NBC TANZANIA Ligi Kuu Bara

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16.08. 14:00
Singida Big Stars  vs  Tanzania Prisons

21.08. 16:00
Singida Big Stars  vs  Mbeya City

11.09. 16:00
Singida Big Stars  vs   Dodoma Jiji

Ratiba Ya Singida Big Stars NBC Premier League 2022/2023
Match DayLIGIHomeKick OffAway
16/08/22LKBSingida Big Stars14:00Tanzania Prisons
21/08/22LKBSingida Big Stars16:00Mbeya City
11/9/2022LKBSingida Big Stars16:00Dodoma Jiji
14/09/22LKBGeita Gold14:00Singida Big Stars
28/09/22LKBKagera Sugar14:00Singida Big Stars
3/10/2022LKBAzam20:15Singida Big Stars
12/10/2022LKBSingida Big Stars16:00Simba
18/10/22LKBMtibwa Sugar16:00Singida Big Stars
24/10/22LKBSingida Big Stars16:00Ihefu
30/10/22LKBSingida Big Stars16:00Coastal Union
6/11/2022LKBPolisi Tanzania16:00Singida Big Stars
17/11/22LKBYoung Africans19:00Singida Big Stars
22/11/22LKBSingida Big Stars16:00KMC
26/11/22LKBRuvu Shooting16:00Singida Big Stars
2/12/2022LKBSingida Big Stars16:00Namungo
17/12/22LKBTanzania Prisons16:00Singida Big Stars
22/12/22LKBMbeya City16:00Singida Big Stars
26/12/22LKBDodoma Jiji20:15Singida Big Stars
30/12/22LKBSingida Big Stars16:00Geita Gold

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Ratiba ya Singida Big Stars 2022/2023 NBC Premier League Pascal Wawa, who served as Simba’s top DEFENDER during the time he was there, will now be a member of Singida Big Stars. Wawa was the first choice for coaches who were benched during the eras of Pablo Franco, Masoud Djuma, Patrick Aussems, and Didier Gomes after Simba.

The star was also introduced at the Singida Big Day concert, which took place at Liti Stadium. When he was Simba, he was a defender with the long-range passing ability of a native Geita Gold player, Kelvin Yondan.

Singida Big Stars Fixture 2023 NBC Premier League
Singida Big Stars NBC 2023
Match DayLIGIHomeKick OffAway
31/01/23LKBSingida Big Stars14:00Kagera Sugar
5/2/2023LKBSingida Big Stars16:00Azam
15/02/23LKBSimba19:00Singida Big Stars
1/3/2023LKBSingida Big StarsPSTPMtibwa Sugar
17/03/23LKBIhefu16:00Singida Big Stars
8/4/2023LKBCoastal Union16:00Singida Big Stars
12/4/2023LKBSingida Big Stars16:00Polisi Tanzania
25/04/23LKBSingida Big Stars16:00Young Africans
14/05/23LKBKMCSingida Big Stars
24/05/23LKBSingida Big StarsRuvu Shooting
27/05/23LKBNamungo16:00Singida Big Stars

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In addition to Ratiba ya Singida Big Stars 2022/2023 NBC Premier League Wawa, Singida Big Stars have identified Meddie Kagere as their property for the 2022/23 season from Simba. Singida United was also able to introduce three Brazilian players, one from Zambia and other players who were with the team in the Championship, namely Nicolas Gyan, Amis Tambwe, Juma Abdul and James Kotei.

Ratiba ya Singida Big Stars 2022/2023 NBC
Ratiba ya Singida Big Stars 2022/2023 NBC

Ratiba ya Singida Big Stars 2022/2023 NBC Premier League Star Said Ndemla is also among the new stars of the team that uses Liti Stadium for home matches. The Head Coach is Hans Pluijm and it was announced that Nizar Khalfan will be assisted by Mathias Lule on the side of the assistant coaches.

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