Ratiba ya UEFA Champions League Fixtures 2022/2023

Ratiba ya UEFA Champions League Fixtures 2022/2023, Champions league 2022 groups fixtures today, UEFA champions league fixtures table and results today.

Ratiba ya UEFA Champions League Fixtures 2022/2023 The 68th season of Europe’s premier club tournament will begin on June 21, 2022, and will go through June 10, 2023. This will be the 31st season under the new name, UEFA Champions League.

Ratiba ya UEFA Champions League Fixtures 2022/2023

Group A
07/09/202217:45AFC AjaxRangers FC-:-
20:00SSC NapoliLiverpool FC-:-
13/09/202220:00Liverpool FCAFC Ajax-:-
20:00Rangers FCSSC Napoli-:-
04/10/202220:00AFC AjaxSSC Napoli-:-
20:00Liverpool FCRangers FC-:-
12/10/202217:45SSC NapoliAFC Ajax-:-
20:00Rangers FCLiverpool FC-:-
26/10/202220:00AFC AjaxLiverpool FC-:-
20:00SSC NapoliRangers FC-:-
01/11/202220:00Rangers FCAFC Ajax-:-
20:00Liverpool FCSSC Napoli-:-
Group B
07/09/202220:00Atlético MadridFC Porto-:-
20:00Club Brugge KVBayer Leverkusen-:-
13/09/202220:00Bayer LeverkusenAtlético Madrid-:-
20:00FC PortoClub Brugge KV-:-
04/10/202220:00Club Brugge KVAtlético Madrid-:-
20:00FC PortoBayer Leverkusen-:-
12/10/202217:45Atlético MadridClub Brugge KV-:-
20:00Bayer LeverkusenFC Porto-:-
26/10/202217:45Club Brugge KVFC Porto-:-
20:00Atlético MadridBayer Leverkusen-:-
01/11/202217:45FC PortoAtlético Madrid-:-
17:45Bayer LeverkusenClub Brugge KV-:-
Group C
07/09/202220:00InterBayern München-:-
20:00FC BarcelonaViktoria Plzeň-:-
13/09/202217:45Viktoria PlzeňInter-:-
20:00Bayern MünchenFC Barcelona-:-
04/10/202217:45Bayern MünchenViktoria Plzeň-:-
20:00InterFC Barcelona-:-
12/10/202220:00Viktoria PlzeňBayern München-:-
20:00FC BarcelonaInter-:-
26/10/202217:45InterViktoria Plzeň-:-
20:00FC BarcelonaBayern München-:-
01/11/202220:00Bayern MünchenInter-:-
20:00Viktoria PlzeňFC Barcelona-:-
Group D
07/09/202217:45Eintracht FrankfurtSporting CP-:-
20:00Tottenham HotspurOlympique Marseille-:-
13/09/202217:45Sporting CPTottenham Hotspur-:-
20:00Olympique MarseilleEintracht Frankfurt-:-
04/10/202217:45Olympique MarseilleSporting CP-:-
20:00Eintracht FrankfurtTottenham Hotspur-:-
12/10/202220:00Tottenham HotspurEintracht Frankfurt-:-
20:00Sporting CPOlympique Marseille-:-
26/10/202220:00Eintracht FrankfurtOlympique Marseille-:-
20:00Tottenham HotspurSporting CP-:-
01/11/202220:00Sporting CPEintracht Frankfurt-:-
20:00Olympique MarseilleTottenham Hotspur-:-
Group E
06/09/202217:45Dinamo ZagrebChelsea FC-:-
20:00RB SalzburgAC Milan-:-
14/09/202217:45AC MilanDinamo Zagreb-:-
20:00Chelsea FCRB Salzburg-:-
05/10/202217:45RB SalzburgDinamo Zagreb-:-
20:00Chelsea FCAC Milan-:-
11/10/202220:00AC MilanChelsea FC-:-
20:00Dinamo ZagrebRB Salzburg-:-
25/10/202217:45RB SalzburgChelsea FC-:-
20:00Dinamo ZagrebAC Milan-:-
02/11/202220:00AC MilanRB Salzburg-:-
20:00Chelsea FCDinamo Zagreb-:-
Group F
06/09/202220:00Celtic FCReal Madrid-:-
20:00RB LeipzigShakhtar Donetsk-:-
14/09/202217:45Shakhtar DonetskCeltic FC-:-
20:00Real MadridRB Leipzig-:-
05/10/202217:45RB LeipzigCeltic FC-:-
20:00Real MadridShakhtar Donetsk-:-
11/10/202220:00Celtic FCRB Leipzig-:-
20:00Shakhtar DonetskReal Madrid-:-
25/10/202220:00Celtic FCShakhtar Donetsk-:-
20:00RB LeipzigReal Madrid-:-
02/11/202217:45Real MadridCeltic FC-:-
17:45Shakhtar DonetskRB Leipzig-:-
Group G
06/09/202217:45Borussia DortmundFC København-:-
20:00Sevilla FCManchester City-:-
14/09/202220:00Manchester CityBorussia Dortmund-:-
20:00FC KøbenhavnSevilla FC-:-
05/10/202220:00Sevilla FCBorussia Dortmund-:-
20:00Manchester CityFC København-:-
11/10/202217:45FC KøbenhavnManchester City-:-
20:00Borussia DortmundSevilla FC-:-
25/10/202217:45Sevilla FCFC København-:-
20:00Borussia DortmundManchester City-:-
02/11/202220:00FC KøbenhavnBorussia Dortmund-:-
20:00Manchester CitySevilla FC-:-
Group H
06/09/202220:00Paris Saint-GermainJuventus-:-
20:00Maccabi HaifaSL Benfica-:-
14/09/202220:00JuventusSL Benfica-:-
20:00Maccabi HaifaParis Saint-Germain-:-
05/10/202220:00JuventusMaccabi Haifa-:-
20:00SL BenficaParis Saint-Germain-:-
11/10/202217:45Maccabi HaifaJuventus-:-
20:00Paris Saint-GermainSL Benfica-:-
25/10/202220:00SL BenficaJuventus-:-
20:00Paris Saint-GermainMaccabi Haifa-:-
02/11/202220:00JuventusParis Saint-Germain-:-
20:00SL BenficaMaccabi Haifa-:-


Ratiba ya UEFA Champions League Fixtures 2022/2023
Ratiba ya UEFA Champions League Fixtures 2022/2023

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