Ratiba ya Vipindi vya TBC Taifa FM

Ratiba ya Vipindi vya TBC Taifa FM: The first radio program aired on July 1, 1951. In mainland Tanzania, there was no single television network operating before to 1994. Television Zanzibar (TVZ), which was founded in the early 1970s, was the sole station in the United Republic.

The Tanzanian Broadcasting Corporation is a television network Ratiba ya Vipindi vya TBC Taifa FM. It is Tanzania’s national network and is government-owned and operated with content that includes news, entertainment, music, fashion and political information more so provides the latest breaking news and videos straight from the event with high accuracy and truth.

Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere’s cabinet resisted the introduction of television altogether, arguing that the medium was too expensive and Tanzania’s radio coverage was still too imperfect, whereas other African nations had made the decision to establish television shortly before or soon after independence.

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Furthermore, it was asserted that such an extension would only benefit the higher and wealthier classes of the society by providing a kind of entertainment Ratiba ya Vipindi vya TBC Taifa FM.

Ratiba ya Vipindi vya TBC Taifa FM

RATIBA ya VIPINDI TBC fm kwa SIKU za WIKI (Jumatatu – Ijumaa)

  • Saa 12 – 3 Asubuhi – BUSATI ( Ester Namuhisa, Annastacia Wilherick, Salome Baptista & David Nelson Shija)
  • Saa 3 – 6 Mchana – MITETEMO YA PWANI (Mariam Migomba)
  • Saa 6 – 8 Mchana – BEAT n’ BITE (Felix Alton)
  • Saa 8 – 10 Jioni – THE TAKEOVER (Dan Chibo)
  • Saa 10 – 12 – Jioni – STIMELAH (Badi Sangu, Rehema Nangu & Mbazigwa Hassan)
  • Saa 12 – 1 Jioni – MATANGAZO TOKA Rfi
  • Saa 1 – 3 Usiku – SWAGGA za KIKWETU (D’jaro Arungu)
  • Saa 3 – 4 Usiku – BUNGA BONGO (D’jaro Arungu)
  • Saa 4 – 6 Usiku – NJOZI NJEMA (Josline Kitakwa)

On the other, those who supported television said that because it increased social consciousness among the populace, it might be a useful tool in the process of national development.

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As a result, participation in and acceptance of various development programs could be guaranteed Ratiba ya Vipindi vya TBC Taifa FM. But President Julius Nyerere put an end to the debate in June 1974 when he declared, “I would go for television when we have a satellite that would make it feasible to cover the entire country and not before then.


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