Rayo Vallecano Players Salaries 2022

Rayo Vallecano Players Salaries 2022

What will the Rayo Vallecano Players Salaries 2022? What are the salaries of the Rayo Vallecano players? What are the player wages for Rayo Vallecano? Have you ever been curious about the weekly salaries of Rayo Vallecano players? If so, don’t worry; we’ve put together a list of the Rayo Vallecano Players Salaries until 2022.

A Spanish football team named Vallecano is headquartered in Madrid’s Vallecas neighborhood. On May 29, 1924, Rayo Vallecano was established. They presently play in La Liga after being promoted from the Segunda División.

Home matches are hosted at the 14,708-seat Campo de Ftbol de Vallecas stadium for Rayo Vallecano in 2022.

The UEFA Cup in the 2000–01 season was the only European competition in which Rayo participated.

Los Franjirrojos (The Red Sashes) and Los Vallecanos are the club’s monikers (The Vallecans).

Who receives the most money from Rayo Vallecano? Player Wages for Rayo Vallecano? Pay in La Liga? How much do football players in Spain’s Primera Division make? Who at Rayo Vallecano is making the most money? Who are the Rayo Vallecano players with the highest salaries?

Although Rayo Vallecano withholds information on salaries, it is probable that players like Giannelli Imbula and Ral de Tomás are among the highest paid at the team based on transfer market value, as shown in the chart below. We now examine the potential Rayo Vallecano players’ salaries for the years 2021–2022.

Rayo Vallecano Players Salaries 2022 (Weekly Wage)

Like the majority of other soccer teams, Vallecano does not disclose its pay structure. However, a lot of media frequently provide correct salary bill information. However, very little is known regarding player salaries for La Liga teams.

With the exception of the English Premier League, Spanish football has the second-highest average pay in the sport. La Liga players typically get roughly €36,300 per week in salary (wages).

Rayo Vallecano Players Salaries 2022
Rayo Vallecano Players Salaries 2022


Following are the player salaries and contract information for Rayo Vallecano for the years 2021–2022.

Rayo Vallecano Players Salaries 2022

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAge
Álvaro García£24,000£1,248,00028
Martín Merquelanz£13,000£676,00026
Sergi Guardiola£12,000£624,00030
Stole Dimitrievski£11,000£572,00027
Unai López£9,000£468,00025
Radamel Falcao£9,000£468,00035
Nikola Maraš£8,900£462,80025
Randy Nteka£8,700£452,40023
Alejandro Catena£8,500£442,00026
Esteban Saveljich£8,300£431,60030
Isi Palazón£8,100£421,20026
Kévin Rodrigues£8,000£416,00027
Iván Balliu£7,100£369,20029
Pathé Ciss£6,800£353,60027
José Pozo£6,100£317,20025
Mario Suárez£5,900£306,80034
Mauricio Arboleda£5,900£306,80025
Andrés Martín£4,500£234,00022
Óscar Valentín£4,000£208,00026
Luca Zidane£4,000£208,00023
Oscar Trejo£3,800£197,60033
Fran García£3,300£171,60021
Santi Comesaña£2,600£135,20024
Yacine Qasmi£1,300£67,60030

Rayo Vallecano Players Salaries 2022

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