Real Valladolid Players Salaries 2022

Real Valladolid Players Salaries 2022

What will the Real Valladolid Players Salaries 2022? What are the player wages at Real Valladolid? What are the player wages for Real Valladolid? Have you ever been curious about the players’ weekly salaries at Real Valladolid? If so, don’t worry; we’ve put together a breakdown of the Real Valladolid players’ salary until 2022.

The football team Real Valladolid is situated in the autonomous community of Castile and León in Valladolid, Spain. They compete in La Liga and were established on June 20, 1928. The 26,512-seat Estadio José Zorrilla is where Real Valladolid plays its home games.

They also go by the names Pucela, Pucelanos, and Blanquivioletas, respectively (White and Violets).

Former Brazilian international footballer Ronaldo acquired a 51 percent controlling stake in the organization in September 2018, becoming the club’s dominant stakeholder.

Real Valladolid player with the highest weekly salary as of 2022
Who makes the most money for Real Valladolid? Real Player Wages for Valladolid? Pay in La Liga? How much do football players in Spain’s Primera Division make? Who is Real Valladolid’s highest earner? Who are Real Valladolid’s highest-paid players?

Although Real Valladolid withholds information on salaries, it is likely that players like Jordi Masip and Joaqun Fernández make the highest money there based on transfer market value, as shown in the chart below. We now examine the potential Real Valladolid Players Salaries for 2021–2022.

Like the majority of other football teams, Real Valladolid does not disclose its pay budget. However, a lot of media frequently provide correct salary bill information. However, very little is known regarding player salaries for La Liga teams.

With the exception of the English Premier League, Spanish football has the second-highest average pay in the sport. La Liga players typically get roughly €36,300 per week in salary (wages).

Real Valladolid Players Salaries 2022
Real Valladolid Players Salaries 2022


The Real Valladolid Players Salary and Contract Information for Real Valladolid Players Salaries 2022 is provided below.

Real Valladolid Players Salaries 2022

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAge
Roque Mesa£48,000£2,496,00031
Fabián Orellana£21,000£1,092,00034
Iván Sánchez£19,000£988,00029
Lucas Olaza£18,000£936,00026
Sergio León£15,000£780,00033
Jaouad El Yamiq£10,000£520,00028
Jordi Masip£10,000£520,00031
Rubén Alcaraz£10,000£520,00029
Kenan Kodro£9,000£468,00026
Sergi Guardiola£9,000£468,00029
Kiko Olivas£8,000£416,00031
Marcos André£7,900£410,80023
Pablo Hervías£7,800£405,60027
Toni Villa£7,600£395,20025
Fede San Emeterio£7,300£379,60023
Javi Sánchez£7,100£369,20023
Óscar Plano£7,000£364,00029
Raúl García£6,700£348,40031
Luis Pérez£6,000£312,00025
Saidy Janko£3,600£187,20024
Javi Sánchez£2,700£140,40025

Real Valladolid Players Salaries 2022

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