Regionalliga Nordost Spielplan 2022/23

Regionalliga Nordost Spielplan 2022/23, Regionalliga Nordost Saison 2022/23, Regionalliga Nordost 2022/2023 Spielplan, Regionalliga Nord/Ost – Spielplan 2022/2023.

In the German states of Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, and Thuringia, the fourth tier of football is known as Regionalliga Nordost. Regionalliga Nordost Spielplan 2022/23 These include West Berlin as well as the states that made up former East Germany.

Regionalliga Nordost Spielplan 2022/23

8. Spieltag
07.10.202219:00BSG Chemie LeipzigFC Carl Zeiss Jena
19:00VSG AltglienickeChemnitzer FC
08.10.202213:00BFC DynamoTeBe Berlin
13:00Rot-Weiß ErfurtHertha BSC II
14:00Energie Cottbus1. FC Lok Leipzig
09.10.202213:00FSV 63 LuckenwaldeBerliner AK 07
13:00Greifswalder FCSV Babelsberg 03
13:00SV Lichtenberg 47ZFC Meuselwitz
13:00Germania HalberstadtFC Viktoria 1889 Berlin
9. Spieltag
14.10.202219:00FC Carl Zeiss JenaVSG Altglienicke
19:00Hertha BSC IIEnergie Cottbus
19:00SV Babelsberg 03ZFC Meuselwitz
15.10.202213:00Greifswalder FCBFC Dynamo
13:00TeBe BerlinGermania Halberstadt
13:00FC Viktoria 1889 BerlinRot-Weiß Erfurt
16.10.202213:00Berliner AK 07SV Lichtenberg 47
13:00Chemnitzer FCFSV 63 Luckenwalde
16:001. FC Lok LeipzigBSG Chemie Leipzig
10. Spieltag
20.10.202219:00BFC DynamoSV Babelsberg 03
21.10.202219:00VSG Altglienicke1. FC Lok Leipzig
19:30Rot-Weiß ErfurtTeBe Berlin
22.10.202213:00BSG Chemie LeipzigHertha BSC II
13:00Energie CottbusFC Viktoria 1889 Berlin
13:00SV Lichtenberg 47Chemnitzer FC
23.10.202213:00Germania HalberstadtGreifswalder FC
13:00ZFC MeuselwitzBerliner AK 07
16:00FSV 63 LuckenwaldeFC Carl Zeiss Jena
Regionalliga Nordost Spielplan 2022/23
Regionalliga Nordost Spielplan 2022/23

Along with the Regionalliga Bayern, Regionalliga Südwest, Regionalliga Nord, and Regionalliga West, it is one of five divisions in the fourth tier. It was a part of the third tier from 1994 to 2000, up to the first of numerous league system reorganizations. The Regionalliga Nordost was reinstituted in 2012 as the final of these.

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