Rekodi Kumi 10 Bora Kwenye Mpira Wa Miguu

Rekodi Kumi 10 Bora Kwenye Mpira Wa Miguu

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Rekodi Kumi 10 Bora Kwenye Mpira Wa Miguu, These are the only 10 records that have been set in football and are not expected or speculated if they are going to be broken until then as people like to say “Maybe the world will change”

01. Rogerio Ceni

Rekodi Kumi 10 Bora Kwenye Mpira Wa Miguu, A Brazilian veteran who was also a goalkeeper in the past shocked the world by setting a record that until the fall of the world would probably break that record. Rogerio Ceni is the goalkeeper who has scored more goals than any other goalkeeper has ever scored, with a record of 131 goals scored.

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During his time playing for Sao Paulo in his native Brazil, the club where he worked as a coach after retirement is considered a dangerous goalkeeper starting from his duties as a goalkeeper and as a striker as well. The next goal scorer is Jose Luis Chilavert with 71 goals, 60 goals behind R.Ceni.

02. Josef Bican

When we talk about the many goals in our heads, big names like Pelle, Ronaldo and Eusebio or even Messi are not even close when it comes to scoring goals or laughing at the net as footballers like to say on Rekodi Kumi 10 Bora Kwenye Mpira Wa Miguu.

Josef Bican91814681931-1956
Gerd Muller121614611962-1983
Arthur Friedenreich123913291909-1935
Franz Binder75610061930-1949


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03. Timu Iliochukua Makombe Mengi Ya Ulaya

This unbreakable record until the world is over was set in 1955-1960 and Real Madrid won the title five times in a row. Records like this cannot be repeated in recent years where every day teams become more self-reliant and stronger.

Madridi in the last three years has managed to win the title twice in a row something that for more than two decades European teams have failed to do so (taking the European Championship trophy twice in a row) Rekodi Kumi 10 Bora Kwenye Mpira Wa Miguu

04. Fainali Iliyoudhuriwa Na Mashabiki Wengi Zaidi

In the 1950 World Cup final in Brazil and Uruguay held at South American stadiums it is the match that is reported to be attended by many years in the world.

The match, dubbed “huge upset”, was the most attended with 173,850 official ticket sales, but most writers say that there were more than 210,000 people at the stadium.

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05. Fainali Yenye magoli mengi zaidi duniani

Believe it or not, this is the one that will not even come close to being broken, I believe that means it is a record of its kind. It was in October 2002 in a game between AS Adema against SO I’Emyrne that they played a championship match and the game ended 149-0.

It was like this, in Madagascar where there was a championship match where by the rules of the tournament the teams are required to play at home and away in the final game where in the first game where SO I’Emyrne was at home hosting AS Adema and the game ended in a draw of 2-2 Rekodi Kumi 10 Bora Kwenye Mpira Wa Miguu.

06. Timu iliyoshinda mechi moja msimu mzima

Derby County is the only club to participate in the major leagues of football and finish with just one victory. It was in the 2007-2008 season that English club Derby County set the worst record ever after taking part in the league and winning just one game against Newcastle united with 29 games (another bad record) and conceding 8 games where they finished league with only 11 points.

07. Mchezaji aliecheza mechi nyingi zaidi duniani

who is a footballer until he left the field he leads by playing 1375 games great though being a player who played a lot of games. And instead the record falls on the same goal-scoring goalkeeper, Rekodi Kumi 10 Bora Kwenye Mpira Wa Miguu Rogerio Ceni. Games 1217, makes him Ceni is the player who holds the record for most games from the world.

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08. Timu iliyochukua UEFA Champions na wachezaji wazawa tu.

Celtic of Scotland won the European Champions League in 1967 with only a handful of locals. Celtic beat Internazionale 2-1 on aggregate and won the European Cup with their local team consisting of locals Rekodi Kumi 10 Bora Kwenye Mpira Wa Miguu.

The squad for the season consisted of 15 players where 14 players from the squad were born and raised in Scotland where their living quarters were less than 10 miles away and only one player coming out 20 miles away.

09. Mchezaji aliefunga magoli mengi

The player with the most goals in the national team is Ali Daei who is an Iranian citizen. Ali Daei spent 13 years scoring 109 goals for his national team which makes him the top scorer at the national level. Daei also holds the record for being the first player from Asia to play in the Champions League while playing for major European clubs where he has played for Hertha BSC and Bayern Munich Rekodi Kumi 10 Bora Kwenye Mpira Wa Miguu.

10. Mchezaji aliefunga magoli mengi kwenye kombe la dunia

Another record is this one that is harder to break than even to break the rainbow. Just Fontaine was a French footballer who at 1958 World Cup scored 13 goals even though his team did not reach the final. So far the record for most goals conceded in one year of the World Cup is 16 until the tournament is over but relatives for several games have not even reached the final but have managed to score 13 goals Rekodi Kumi 10 Bora Kwenye Mpira Wa Miguu.

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