Saudi Pro League Fixtures 2022/2023 – Results

Saudi Pro League Fixtures 2022/2023 – Results, Pro League – Saudi Arabia – Results, fixtures, tables, Saudi Professional League 2022/2023 Matches.

دوري المحترفين السعودي Saudi Professional League, or MBS League, is the top division of association football in the Saudi Arabian league system. From 2013 to 2019, it was known as the Abdul Latif Jameel League, or Dawry Jameel, as it was sponsored by Abdul Latif Jameel. The first season of competition was the 1976–77 season for Saudi Pro League Fixtures 2022/2023 – Results.

Saudi Pro League Fixtures 2022/2023 – Results

1. Round
25/08/202217:05Al FayhaDamac FC-:-
19:00Al KhaleejAl Hilal-:-
26/08/202216:45Al EttifaqAl Tai-:-
16:45Al AdalahAl Ittihad-:-
19:00Al ShababAl Batin-:-
27/08/202216:45Al FatehAl Taawoun-:-
19:00Abha ClubAl Ra’ed-:-
19:00Al NassrAl Wehda-:-
2. Round
31/08/202216:55Al BatinAl Fateh-:-
19:00Al HilalAl Fayha-:-
01/09/202217:00Al Ra’edAl Wehda-:-
19:00Abha ClubAl Shabab-:-
02/09/202217:00Al TaiAl Adalah-:-
19:00Damac FCAl Khaleej-:-
03/09/202217:00Al TaawounAl Nassr-:-
19:00Al IttihadAl Ettifaq-:-
3. Round
04/09/202216:35Al FatehAl Hilal-:-
08/09/202216:30Al KhaleejAl Adalah-:-
19:00Al WehdaAbha Club-:-
19:00Al ShababAl Tai-:-
09/09/202216:30Al EttifaqAl Batin-:-
19:00Al Ra’edAl Ittihad-:-
10/09/202216:45Al FayhaAl Taawoun-:-
19:00Al NassrDamac FC-:-
4. Round
14/09/202216:55Al TaiAl Fateh-:-
19:00Al AdalahAl Shabab-:-
15/09/202216:40Al BatinAl Nassr-:-
19:00Al EttifaqAl Ra’ed-:-
19:00Al IttihadAl Khaleej-:-
16/09/202216:50Al TaawounDamac FC-:-
16:50Abha ClubAl Fayha-:-
19:00Al HilalAl Wehda-:-
5. Round
01/10/202216:30Al Ra’edAl Adalah-:-
16:30Damac FCAl Tai-:-
19:00Al KhaleejAl Batin-:-
19:00Al WehdaAl Ettifaq-:-
02/10/202216:20Al FayhaAl Shabab-:-
16:20Al HilalAl Taawoun-:-
19:00Al FatehAbha Club-:-
19:00Al NassrAl Ittihad-:-
6. Round
06/10/202216:30Al TaawounAl Wehda-:-
16:30Al TaiAl Khaleej-:-
19:00Al BatinDamac FC-:-
19:00Al EttifaqAl Hilal-:-
19:00Al ShababAl Ra’ed-:-
07/10/202216:30Abha ClubAl Nassr-:-
19:00Al AdalahAl Fayha-:-
19:00Al IttihadAl Fateh-:-
7. Round
10/10/202215:50Al Ra’edAl Tai-:-
18:30Al WehdaAl Batin-:-
18:30Al HilalAl Shabab-:-
11/10/202215:50Al TaawounAbha Club-:-
15:50Damac FCAl Ittihad-:-
18:30Al FayhaAl Ettifaq-:-
18:30Al KhaleejAl Fateh-:-
18:30Al NassrAl Adalah-:-
8. Round
15/10/202216:30Al TaiAl Hilal-:-
18:30Al FatehAl Ra’ed-:-
18:30Al ShababAl Khaleej-:-
16/10/202215:45Al BatinAbha Club-:-
15:45Al NassrAl Fayha-:-
18:30Al EttifaqAl Taawoun-:-
18:30Al AdalahDamac FC-:-
18:30Al IttihadAl Wehda-:-
9. Round
15/12/2022Al TaawounAl Adalah-:-
Al WehdaAl Fateh-:-
Al KhaleejAl Fayha-:-
Abha ClubAl Tai-:-
Al Ra’edAl Nassr-:-
Damac FCAl Ettifaq-:-
Al ShababAl Ittihad-:-
Al HilalAl Batin-:-
10. Round
25/12/2022Al AdalahAbha Club-:-
Al BatinAl Ra’ed-:-
Al EttifaqAl Khaleej-:-
Al FatehAl Shabab-:-
Damac FCAl Wehda-:-
Al IttihadAl Taawoun-:-
Al FayhaAl Tai-:-
Al NassrAl Hilal-:-
11. Round
30/12/2022Al WehdaAl Adalah-:-
Al KhaleejAl Nassr-:-
Abha ClubAl Ittihad-:-
Al FatehAl Fayha-:-
Al Ra’edAl Taawoun-:-
Al TaiAl Batin-:-
Al ShababAl Ettifaq-:-
Al HilalDamac FC-:-
12. Round
05/01/2023Al TaawounAl Khaleej-:-
Al WehdaAl Shabab-:-
Al AdalahAl Fateh-:-
Al EttifaqAbha Club-:-
Damac FCAl Ra’ed-:-
Al IttihadAl Hilal-:-
Al FayhaAl Batin-:-
Al NassrAl Tai-:-
13. Round
12/01/2023Al KhaleejAl Wehda-:-
Al BatinAl Ittihad-:-
Abha ClubDamac FC-:-
Al FatehAl Ettifaq-:-
Al Ra’edAl Fayha-:-
Al TaiAl Taawoun-:-
Al ShababAl Nassr-:-
Al HilalAl Adalah-:-
14. Round
19/01/2023Al TaawounAl Shabab-:-
Al WehdaAl Tai-:-
Al AdalahAl Batin-:-
Al KhaleejAl Ra’ed-:-
Damac FCAl Fateh-:-
Al IttihadAl Fayha-:-
Al HilalAbha Club-:-
Al NassrAl Ettifaq-:-
15. Round
02/02/2023Al BatinAl Taawoun-:-
Al EttifaqAl Adalah-:-
Abha ClubAl Khaleej-:-
Al FatehAl Nassr-:-
Al Ra’edAl Hilal-:-
Al TaiAl Ittihad-:-
Al ShababDamac FC-:-
Al FayhaAl Wehda-:-

Saudi Pro League Fixtures 2022/2023 – Results Since 2008, four Saudi Arabian teams have yearly qualified for the AFC Champions League based on their country’s coefficient. This covers the league’s top three finishers as well as the King Cup victor.

Saudi Pro League Fixtures 2022/2023 - Results
Saudi Pro League Fixtures 2022/2023 – Results

Saudi Pro League Fixtures 2022/2023 – Results If the King Cup winner is also one of the top three teams, the third-best team advances to the AFC Champions League play-offs. If the King Cup winner is not among the top three teams, the top two teams advance directly to the group stages, and the third club advances to the play-offs.

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