SD Huesca Players Salaries 2022

SD Huesca Players Salaries 2022

What will the SD Huesca Players Salaries 2022? What are the salaries of the SD Huesca players? What are the player wages for SD Huesca? Have you ever wondered how much the SD Huesca players make each week? If so, don’t worry; we’ve put together a list of the SD Huesca Players Salaries 2022.

Spanish football team SD Huesca is situated in Huesca, which is a part of the autonomous community of Aragon. They compete in La Liga and were founded in 1960.

Information about SD Huesca

The 7,638-seat Estadio El Alcoraz is where they have their home games.

Player with the Highest Weekly Salary at SD Huesca in 2022

Who earns the most money for SD Huesca? Pay for SD Huesca players? Pay in La Liga? How much do football players in Spain’s Primera Division make? Who makes the most money at SD Huesca? Who are the players at SD Huesca making the most money?

SD Huesca Players Salaries 2022
SD Huesca Players Salaries 2022

Although SD Huesca withholds information on salaries, it is likely that players like Cucho and Gonzalo Melero make the most money there based on transfer market value, as shown in the chart below. Here, we examine the potential salaries for SD Huesca players in 2021–2022.

Like the majority of other football teams, SD Huesca does not disclose its pay budget. However, a lot of media frequently provide correct salary bill information. However, very little is known regarding player salaries for La Liga teams.

With the exception of the English Premier League, Spanish football has the second-highest average pay in the sport. La Liga players typically get roughly €36,300 per week in salary (wages).

Here are the SD Huesca Players’ 2022 Contract and Salary Information.

SD Huesca Players Salaries 2022

#PlayerMarket value
1Alvaro Fernandez1,00 Mill. €
25Ruben Yanez500 Th. €
30Antonio Valera200 Th. €
18Pablo Insua1,50 Mill. €
14Jorge Pulido3,00 Mill. €
3Kike Hermoso200 Th. €
3Josue Sa1,20 Mill. €
16Luisinho1,20 Mill. €
11Javi Galan1,50 Mill. €
2Miguelon600 Th. €
19Pedro Lopez500 Th. €
5Pedro Mosquera400 Th. €
23Damián Musto1,50 Mill. €
20Jaime Seoane400 Th. €
21Juan Carlos5,00 Mill. €
22Joaquin Munoz2,00 Mill. €
10Juanjo Camacho100 Th. €
24Ivi Lopez2,00 Mill. €
11Álex Gallar1,50 Mill. €
10Cristo3,50 Mill. €
7David Ferreiro800 Th. €
12Shinji Okazaki5,00 Mill. €
9David Escriche1,20 Mill. €

SD Huesca Players Salaries 2022

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