Selform Kubadili Combination Form Five

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Selform Kubadili Combination Form Five: Minister of State Office of the President Regional Administrations and Local Governments Hon. Innocent Bashungwa has said that students who completed the Fourth Form in 2021 have the opportunity to change the special options (Combination) and various courses they need to study according to their performance on Selform Kubadili Combination Form Five.

Speaking to journalists today on March 29, 2022 in Dodoma, Hon. Bashungwa said, the move is due to some students who graduated from Form Four not filling the form (Selfom) with certainty when they choose their combination of courses due to the uncertainty of success in their studies.

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“The Office of the President – TAMISEMI has completed the initial exercise of entering the data on the student forms as they were filled in by the students while at school, this creates an opportunity for students to make changes to their choices” said Bashungwa

He continued to explain on Selform Kubadili Combination Form Five to you that the Government has given the opportunity to the graduates of Form Four to change their choices in order to give more opportunities to the student to study a specialty or a course that will prepare him to have a specialization that is compatible with his choices later.

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“He has asked the parents to fully participate and agree with the student in this exercise so that there are no complaints from the student that he has been assigned options that he did not choose later” Bashungwa

He added that the exercise to change the student’s specialty is done by entering the student selection system (student selection MIS) through the link using the exam number Selform Kubadili Combination Form Five.

Student (Form Four Graduate): Due to success in its outcomes, the student’s major responsibility in the Selform system is to modify certain personal information such home address, mobile number, email address, and options for schools and universities to Selform Kubadili Combination Form Five.

This website offers a thorough explanation of how to use the Tamisemi Selform System 2021, including how to register, log in, change passwords, and pick universities and schools. For more information, see the section below for Selform Kubadili Combination Form Five.

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Selform Kubadili Combination Form Five

  • How to use the Tamisemi Selform System 2022 ( to access, register, log in, update passwords, and choose universities and schools. 2022 login Registration for 2022

Make sure you have a device with an internet connection and a web browser installed if you want to access and log in to Tamisemi Selform System 2021. (I recommend to use google chrome), When you are online, open Chrome and type to get a window where you may provide the required information for registration.

Selform Kubadili Combination Form Five
Selform Kubadili Combination Form Five

If you are a first-time user, choose the Menu labeled “Candidates” and then click here to register on Selform Kubadili Combination Form Five.

Then, fill in your Index Number information , the index number should be in S0101.0020.2018 format, Answer the question you will be asked, Family Name and Year of Birth as shown to successfully register.

  • How to login on the Tamisemi Selform system 2022 on login

Once you’ve modified the password, enter it again to log in using the username, for instance S0101.0002.2018, and the new password.

  • Student Personal Information

Once logged in, the next window will appear with just those in the immediate vicinity having access to modify personal data.

  • Student General Choices – Selform Tamisemi selection 2022

Click on this section to continue changing your options information.

  • Alternative Options

Click to enter this area to continue changing your Sector College Election Information. When you are done click SAVE & NEXT for Selform Kubadili Combination Form Five.

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